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Chargemaster/PolarPlus 3-pin public charging points
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Author:  stripey [ Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Chargemaster/PolarPlus 3-pin public charging points

A puzzle. I do most of my charging a mile from home in what turns out to be the first EV charging point in Shropshire. That one uses a Type 2 plug. I quite often have to go to Shrewsbury, where I can charge up at ASDA. ASDA has four parking spaces for two charging points, both of which have two sockets - one for a Type 2 cable, and the other for a 3-pin.

It's a bit of a faff there, as once I've logged in with the PolarPlus card, I then have to wait while the machine offers me the 3-pin option, which I don't normally want, and then wait some more while it agrees to open the Type 2 slot. I can live with that, although it takes seven times longer than at my local point!

As I'm often there with half of a battery left and often have to leave the car longer than I need to when on the Type 2, I would like to use the 3-pin option sometimes. However, it never recognizes my plug (supplied by Mitsubishi, who made a lot of an apparent partnership with Chargemaster in the showroom where I bought my PHEV). This 3-pin plug works fine at my home.

I queried this with Chargemaster, and was told that the 13A socket needed to be locked. For this to happen, the cove needs to be closed. In the case of my plug, it won't - the plug would need to be very thin indeed. So I can't use the 13A socket at all. I charged up at ASDA today (on the Type 2) and struck up a conversation with the owner of an EV (hybrid Mini) at the adjacent charging point. He told me that he had successfully used his own 3-pin plug on that very charging point.

Does anyone else in the UK have experience of successfully using the Mitsubishi 3-pin cable at a public charging point, an can anyone explain what might be going wrong for me at ASDA?

Thanks, all.

Author:  greendwarf [ Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chargemaster/PolarPlus 3-pin public charging points

Simple answer - yes, when I first got the car in 2014 and charging was free, I did use the supplied cable in public 3 pin sockets. There was the faffing around you describe waiting for flap to open but I don't recall ever having it not close. I can only assume the point you refer to is a different design. :?

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