Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 5 or 7 seats

There have been a few discussions around the internet about whether or not the Outlander PHEV will have 5 or 7 seats. Even some press releases from Europe have listed the Outlander PHEV as a 7 seater.

Our take on it is that the Outlander PHEV will only have 5 seats. Those press releases were instead listing the specs for the Outlander ICE as the Outlander PHEV weren’t available for Europe at that time.

In this cutaway image of the components of the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, you can see that some of the plug-in hybrid components are housed in the area behind the 2nd row seats, and below the level of the cargo area’s floor. This would be the spot the 3rd row seats would fold into, but instead, Mitsubishi has put essential components there to minimize cargo space impact in the Outlander PHEV.

Front view of Outlander PHEV components

Front view of Outlander PHEV components

According to the Japanese Mitsubishi Outlander website, the PHEV is listed as a 5 passenger while all other models are 7 passenger.

Mitsubishi Outlander Plugin Hybrid EV cutaway

Mitsubishi Outlander Plugin Hybrid EV cutaway


3 Responses to Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 5 or 7 seats

  1. Ingo says:

    As a 7-seater this thing would kill the competition. It would even sway over customers of the Prius+ 7-seater in Europe. Just too bad. It could have been the only truly fuel efficient 7-seater on the market.

    • admin says:

      Yes it is disappointing that Mitsubishi couldn’t make it a 7-seater, but if they had, they would have needed to use all of the cargo space for the technology that is currently in the space of the third row seats.

  2. Scott Jon says:

    Simple solution would be to extend the vehicle, as this is its shortcoming anyway. Even without the electric capability, the three row use extremely limits any cargo. Kill two birds with one stone by elongating the body to house the battery components and provide more cargo space.

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