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by CharlieMac
Mon Sep 11, 2023 10:34 pm
Forum: Technical Discussions
Topic: Triple Procedure & Setup (Costs around 80USD)
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Re: Triple Procedure & Setup (Costs around 80USD)

Now I'm stuck. My car is in its charging phase of the DBCAM. What happens if I turn on the car to wind up the window? EDIT: I found the drivers. The seller finally gave me a straight answer among the bucketloads of software they supplied. The file was openport2_setup_1004341.exe I'm a bit stuck find...
by CharlieMac
Sun Jun 11, 2023 7:28 am
Forum: Local / Regional Discussions
Topic: Australians down under
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Re: Australians down under

Hey everyone,

I've got a 2017 Outlander here in Melbourne which is about 60% degraded. I'm getting about 20km of range. It could use a dbcam, leveling, and BMU reset. Does anyone know where this can be done in Melb?
by CharlieMac
Sun Jun 11, 2023 7:18 am
Forum: General / Main Outlander PHEV Owners Forum
Topic: BMU Reset
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Re: BMU Reset

I there, just wondering how you get a dbcam, smoothing and BMU reset in Melbourne Australia? I've found the dealers here are the worst. They all lie about the SOH of my car's battery which is down to 20km on my 2017 Outlander.

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