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Identifying CanBus parameters
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Author:  OutlandishPanda [ Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Identifying CanBus parameters

Thanks for the wealth of information shared here. I'm building an EV using many salvaged Outlander PHEV parts as they are all CAN, good value and not so complicated to control, plus so much is shared here and elsewhere. I'm trying to get the A/C compressor to work.

Has anyone worked out the SUB CAN-C messages to and from the Outlander A/C compressor? I did find the OBD PID structure thanks to anko, but I can't use this as the rest of the network is missing that processes these requests. I just have the bare compressor and need the real CAN messages and the formulae to control and monitor it.

anko, I read you said you hadn't found the A/C messages "yet". Did you ever get to that?

Very grateful for any info anyone has on this. Thanks very much.

Author:  littlescrote [ Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Identifying CanBus parameters

OutlandishPanda - your project sounds very interesting!

Is it a Panda 4x4 with Outlander running gear? That would be great.

Sorry, no data to help you on your question, but I do have CAN tools available if you don't get your answer elsewhere, but I've very little spare time to make the measurements at the moment (although it is a subject that interests me as a geek).

Author:  OutlandishPanda [ Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Identifying CanBus parameters

Thanks - I'd have liked to have done a 4x4 Panda as I really like that little car, but very limited room for batteries and they are expensive cars! So, no, its just a fairly plain FWD 2005 Panda conversion for a local runabout ~25 miles range.

The only novel part is I've set myself a fixed budget of £3250 all in, including the car (got that for £410). So far I'm just about on track - eBay is a good friend with these challenges!

If you do feel like making a capture on the SUB CAN-C bus sometime, this is what I was thinking:

Noting time at each step:
>Start logging and stopwatch
>Power car with A/C off
>Turn on A/C low
>Leave for 2 mins, then A/C on full
>Leave 2 mins then A/C off
>Leave for 5 mins or until A/C pump goes off (it will have some lag time for safe shut down I guess)
>Turn car off
>Stop logging.

What do you think? Might be too much data...

I may have a chance to log a car on our fleet at work if we still have it.

Thanks for your interest!

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