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Public charge Stations

Mon May 13, 2019 11:53 pm

Hi All,
I have recently purchased a Type1 - Type 2 cable so to be able to charge at public charge stations.

So far have only used one (Perth - Synergy EV charge location)
I had around 15km left on the "Guess-o-meter" and plugged in for 2 hours (allowed time in the parking area). When i returned the Car still had a red light fr charging, and the unit was still charging. Stopped the charge and took off in the car.

The strange thing - I had 57km to empty on the "Guess-o-meter", this is the highest i have seen on the car however i did have a very economical drive into where i was heading that day (5 leaf :lol: )

Was it likely that this was nearing the ed of the charge and trickle charging and was close to turning off? Im just having a bit of a worry if it had not of switched off or if thats likely to happen and it keeps trying to charge the car (dodgy cable or the like?, car not talking to evse?)

anyways will need to continue testing and trying out at locations and see how it goes but thought Id throw it out there to see other peoples experience!


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Re: Public charge Stations

Tue May 14, 2019 10:40 am

You've answered your own question with the GoM - it calculates based on your recent driving.

The rate of charging slows significantly as the battery nears full, so it can show 100% even while it's trying to squeeze the last few wh's in
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