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GX4h Driver's side door mirror malfunction

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:59 am
by NightPHEVer
The driver's side (UK RHD) door mirror has just stopped fully opening on my 6 year old GX4h PHEV. I initially noticed that it wasn't in the fully open position and thought that somebody had knocked it half closed walking past, but then I realised that it wasn't opening fully in the first place. I've always had the mirrors set to open and close when the key fob/plipper is pressed when unlocking and locking the doors.

I opened it fully with my hand, and then when I pressed the fob to lock the doors the mirror mechanism made a 'thunk' noise and closed normally. But when I unlocked again the mirror only opens slightly less than half way. For now I've switched the auto open/close mirror function off within the MMCS so the mirrors stay in the open position. The passenger side mirror still operates as normal.

Anyone else experienced this problem? If so what's the fix and how difficult/expensive might it be?

Re: GX4h Driver's side door mirror malfunction

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:55 pm
by greendwarf
I have a tendency to use door mirrors as weapons in the Queen Boudica style so have got through several. At least one had this problem after a hard impact but I just got a replacement fitted - so no help knowing what broke. However, on the previous car (similar style of driving), I did part dismantle the unit to see if I could mend it but I doubt you can get individual components for any broken.

If you go down that route you might find it is just something forced out of position. Probably worth the risk of you doing more damage, if you really want the auto folding option. A new one will be expensive.

Re: GX4h Driver's side door mirror malfunction

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 11:51 am
by NightPHEVer
Hmm, well I've found a video on You Tube that demonstrates how to remove the door mirror assembly from the door, but as you say I doubt any of it is easily repairable. I'm thinking that the motor/mechanism that makes the whirring noise to open and close the mirror consists of some sort of nylon interlocking gears. Wouldn't be surprised if its all sealed shut. Used mirrors from breakers seem expensive - but then I guess a lot of them get knocked off and so are in demand. And as the mirror features heating/indicator/open and closing then it's a complicated item.

I dread to think what Mitsubishi would want for a new one. The problem I've found in the past with s/h parts though is that as they are obviously as old as the part that I already have, which has just failed, and probably done even more miles than mine (only 27,000). So after a short time the replacement part fails. Perhaps though with a PHEV mirror from a breaker I can only hope that the folding option was never used as the previous owner coudn't work out how to switch it on!

Considering how many times my mirrors must have opened and closed over the years, perhaps I was expecting too much for them to last.

Getting the door trim off doesn't look too difficult so I guess I'll take the mirror off and have a look.