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Sync charge with solar panels

Wed Mar 17, 2021 6:17 pm

I have a new PHEV and am disappointed with the lack of integration options relating to charging. I would like to be able to plug the charger in at home and then have my home automation system decide when to turn the charger on. Inputs into this decision would include:
- current battery level - if the battery is empty then it should charge for a while but if it is >50% then maybe wait.
- current wholesale electricity price - if there is excess electricity on the grid then I want to use it.
- current solar generation - if my solar panels are generating a lot of power then I want to charge.
- time of day

I am using Home Assistant and can do most of this but am having trouble working out how to tell Home Assistant the current battery level. I figure I could get an OBD2 device and then when the car is in range of my home wifi or in bluetooth range of my house then dump a data file onto a server at home. There are lots of ways to have OBDs save data to a SD card, I am wondering if anyone has an automated method to save data to a remote location such as a server in my house.

I have done a lot of home automation but never anything with a car so any help would be awesome.

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