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EV System Service Required / RBS / Charge Interrupted

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 6:44 am
by mattr76
I’m sharing my experience (ongoing) to see if anyone has any ideas, or eventually, possibly, to help anyone else out.

I drove my 2020 Outlander on a 200-mile road trip a few days ago without any issues. In the middle of the journey I put it on a level 2 charger for a couple hours, which didn’t get us full charge, but still a good bit. When I got to my destination, I plugged it in. In the morning, I noticed that the usual “time left” display wasn’t there, but instead it showed the charge/fuel gauges (and I don’t think the charge was full). I turned the car on and it showed the warnings “EV system service required, stop safely” and “RBS service required”. I tried to drive it and it could limp but nothing more. I tried plugging it back in and got the warning “charge interrupted due to system malfunction”.

I checked some fuses but everything seemed in order. Being on vacation, I didn’t have the proper tool to disconnect the 12V battery, otherwise I would have tried that.

I had the car transported to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer (fortunately only 100 miles away) to get it checked out. They ran some diagnostics and determined that the 12V battery was (or had been) flat. This didn’t really make sense to me as the car is new, I don’t leave it uncharged for any extended period of time, we had just driven a good distance, and I am pretty sure nothing was left on. But I was eager to get it back so I tried to believe it. Luckily, when I tried to start the car, it gave me the EV/RBS warnings again, so I told the service folks and they are doing more diagnostics. I had to leave it there because they said the next phase of diagnostics involves taking out the drive battery.

One interesting data point, to me anyway, is between the time the service folks cleared the error and told me it was ready, they helpfully put it on their charger. I think charging is possibly triggering the error or the detection of the error.

Anyone have a similar experience? Any clue what’s going on here?

Re: EV System Service Required / RBS / Charge Interrupted

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:29 pm
by mattr76
The dealer has determined that the cause of the issue is a faulty Engine Control Unit. Seems strange for such a new car, but I don’t have any better answers.

Re: EV System Service Required / RBS / Charge Interrupted

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:14 pm
by mattr76
I may have misheard them. Now they are saying the Body Control Module is faulty.