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Retrofit Accessories - WiFi Module
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Author:  Markvt [ Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:15 am ]
Post subject:  Retrofit Accessories - WiFi Module

Hi all,

I just purchased my first PHEV, The Outlander 2019. I am delighted with it. I think it is an incredible machine. I made the decision to go for the base model in my country (Ireland) for financial reasons mainly and that a lot of the extras for the next model up seemed unnecessary for me, however there were one or two I would have liked, the App being one. I presume my model is just not fitted with a WiFi Module. Does anyone know if that is something I could source and retrofit myself to get the app working? I think it is located in the door. I was hoping to purchase one somewhere (no idea if this is possible) and work out how to fit it if anyone thinks this is possible.

Also, me reversing camera does not have guidelines - does anyone know if i'd need an upgraded reversing camera to get this feature?

Thanks for your help!

Author:  unlockstra [ Wed May 15, 2019 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrofit Accessories - WiFi Module

No, you can't afterfit a wifi module I guess. BTW, on the second hand market scrap models go for about 600 euro. There are quite a few cars out of warranty and via Mitsubishi the cost to replace it is about
1100 euro. Check if there are unused cables.
The device is changed under warranty 4 times in my 2014 phev. I believe it is fitted under your SDA.

As I know, the lines on your rear camera should be there. But it can always be different in each country. When I remember well, there is a setting in the secret menu. Can you make a picture of your SDA? Maybe I can direct you.

Author:  richr [ Wed May 15, 2019 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrofit Accessories - WiFi Module

On my 2015 GX4h, sometimes the lines don't appear straight away on the reversing camera, but usually appear after a couple of seconds if that's happens. But yes, I have a feeling you can change the setting in the menus (probably the hidden one). However the display unit/radio in your model is quite different to mine so I couldn't say where.

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