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Re: Fitting a Dash Cam

Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:52 am

STS134 wrote:I wired to the fuses underneath the steering wheel. Power wires up the A pillar and into the headliner to the dashcam. Then I ran the second wire up into the headliner in the other direction, to the rear of the vehicle. Most difficult part was getting the rear cable through the tube to the liftgate; I had to tape the wire to a string and pull it through. Once through, I removed the plastic piece above the rear window and ran it underneath that, then attached it to the rear cam. Make sure that your rear cam is in the path of the area cleared by the rear wiper blade.
Hi STS134, I am installing the rear dashcam too. Which power supply did you use and where did you install it - right there in the fuse box under the wheel I suppose? I assume the dashcam came with the cigarette lighter power supply - did you just solder the wires onto its contacts? I think for reasons of maintaining voltage on such a long cable it may be better to trace 12V till the tailgate and install the supply close to the rear camera under that tailgate plastic cover you mentioned - there seems to be plenty of room there.
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Re: Fitting a Dash Cam

Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:11 am

I have both my dashcams, front and rear, supplied from the front accessory socket. Used a 2-way splitter, and plugged both cameras individual plug adapters into it. It all lives under the glovebox kick panel, and I've had no issues with low voltage at the rear camera.
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