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2018 Outtie PHEV (new guy here)

Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:56 am

Just signed up here. (Ohio-USA) I've had my 2018 for 1.5 years and have about 18000miles on it.
Couple of small mods Ive put on so far are:

LED interior lights.
Door protectors.
Dash Cam
trailer hitch (no lights) Don't have anything to pull

Thats pretty much it so far.

I do have LED headlights enroute currently.

HB3 and H7 hope to get them installed this weekend. Not sure if it will be better or worse since most of these Halogen housings are built for Halogen bulbs, but I'll try it.

Only issue I have is with the radio/Apple car play . Not sure if others have this issue or not. I have a Sirius/XM subscription and listen to it 99.5% of the time. But when I go to plug in my Phone (Apple Xs MAX) the music that I have stored in the phone will start playing. It confuses me I suspect its an Apple issue (because they suck!).

Dealer didn't know how to fix it, even asked for a new head unit.

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