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DIY Oil Changes VOID Warranty in Canada Android Auto USB connection issue

Mon Nov 01, 2021 2:03 pm

Just purchased a 2019 Outlander PHEV GT has just under 17,000 kms. Love the SUV my 1st PHEV. Our other car is a 2019 Kia Niro regular Hybrid. I am having issues with the Android Auto on the PHEV so called the dealership to book it in. He said the issue is usually a bad cable? Also just put the winter tires on need the tire pressure senor alarm reset/2nd profile set up. Having trouble navigating the menu to reset it tried several times.

He mentions I have a scheduled maintenance interval at 24,000 kms. I believe they also do a software update on the batteries? I asked if I can do my own oil change and just pay of it minus the oil change and he said it will void the warranty if I change the oil. I asked how that could be as I have always done my own oil changes on vehicles under warranty and record mileage, oil used, and kept the receipts for the oil and filter. Says I would still not have proof that I changed the oil. Is this true sounds like a bunch of BS would I need to record the entire process as evidence? I owned a Mazda tribute about 10 years ago the engine blew on the hwy did all my own oil changes and they approved the new motor after showing my oil change records. I hate paying for things I can do myself and are easy to do. Thanks in advance for your input

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Re: DIY Oil Changes VOID Warranty in Canada Android Auto USB connection issue

Wed Nov 03, 2021 5:36 am

Regarding TPMS you can not set the second profile so easily by the menu or settings. MUT-3 should be connected to the vehicle.

Regarding oil changes I am doing it by myself as well and always did. We can say the same thing about the dealership. One sticker on the windshield do not prove anything has been done on the vehicle.
I bought this vehicle specifically for it's reliability record and don't believe will ever claim any warranty on it but anyway, by law they can not decline the warranty based on the fact the oil changes has not been done by them.
2018 Outlander PHEV (Canadian)

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