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Re: Rear Suspension Failure

Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:39 pm

greendwarf wrote:Thinking more about this, I'm still alarmed at the "worn springs" suggestion. I've heard of "broken" springs but never "worn", as the physical nature of a spring is that it can only really become weakened by over-extension (impossible on a car) and never by excessive compression when acting as a shock absorber. Yes dampers do wear out and very occasionally so do bushes but I have only had this problem once in years of motoring. Given the general reluctance of Mitsu to repair anything under warranty I doubt the OP actually had the springs changed unless it is easier/cheaper to do this when replacing a faulty damper by putting in an entire new strut assembly.

As far as I can see from an example on ebay the car has trailing arm suspension with Macpherson struts which seem to involve a number of bushed joints - so difficult to know which are being referred to, but I don't recall anyone having this problem on this forum. Therefore, not sure that this can be described is a well known issue with the PHEV.
I'm not sure that this is true.

When working for the Navy, I had to buy some valve springs.

The particular engine was no longer being manufactured, and we had no spares.

Because we had no technical data on the spring, we requested the return of some springs from one facility that still had some in stock, so that we could get new ones manufactured 'by sample'.

After distributing the newly made valve springs, we immediately received a flood of complaints because we were sending out 'worn out springs'.

It turned out that the repair facility, had supplied 'worn out' springs to us to use as a sample, rather then release their precious spares...


I also had to replace the 'worn out' coil springs on my twenty year old car, because they were no longer able to keep the car at the appropriate height. (i.e. had weakened over time)
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Re: Rear Suspension Failure

Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:53 pm

Could the NCT failure be triggered by the fact that the car has cross-camber by design?
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Re: Rear Suspension Failure

Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:26 am

I've had worn springs on a car, but it was an early '70s sports car in the late '80s and it was droopy on the driver's side. The leaf spring was still intact, but was definitely a different shape to the other side. Constant stressing will cause them to move very slowly over time, but it certainly shouldn't happen with modern materials over the period of a few years.
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Re: Rear Suspension Failure

Mon Mar 09, 2020 3:21 am

I have seen plenty of vehicles with weak coil springs. Very common on heavy 4x4's like the classic RangeRover.
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Re: Rear Suspension Failure

Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:30 pm

I'm curious to know how suddenly these bushings or Pins have sign of wear? I have just had an MOT fail today on the Central rear upper suspension component. My last Service at a Mitsubishi accredited service last Dec 2020 made no mention of any problems on rear or front which also failed and came up as an advisory on last MOT ( light misting) October 2020
I use my car as a Private hire vehicle with stringent checks. last full service was only 2,000 miles ago so surely this wear and tear would have been evident then?
As for the car itself it drives fine..... no noise and apart from regular speed humps in London is pretty smooth.

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