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Re: charging miles- only show 24

Tue Dec 14, 2021 4:58 am

My PHEV is six years old, with 40K on the clock. Your consumption with normal driving, and I mean Normal driving is around 20 to 21 miles at best.
However if you drove very carefully, at speeds not exceeding 40mph, even at 5 to 10 degrees Centigrade, you can get around 31 miles.
That is on condition that you rarely brake, anticipate beyond the yonder, use the flaps, and DO NOT use air con, or even turn the blower on. I find winding the window down by 0.2 inches will get rid of most of the condensation. [It is Covid season, so you should open the windows to circulate the air] Set it to Normal, not eco. Waste no energy. DO NOT accelerate at all. Gently does it. Do not use the All Wheel Drive. Do not use blue tooth. Empty the car; eg you can take out the rear bar which reduces the weight straight away by 0.5 KG. Drive only when it is bright. Switching the lights on reduces the range.

I drive 15.5 miles, to my work place and same back, making a total of 31 miles. That will empty all the battery just using battery. [No signs of petrol engine kicking in.] If due to temptation, I did one of the actions above eg accelerate even for 3 seconds, the shown efficiency drops from 100% eco instantly to around 97%. The pay back is when I am around 3 miles from home, the MPG instead of showing ----, then starts to show 98mpg, 97 mpg, 95 mpg. Then you know that your car is no longer doing 100 to 150 mpg. It is still okay, as it is only 3 miles from home. In summer, when I charge it up full, it says, 27 miles and now in winter, it says 24miles. Very angry.

All in all, pretty insufferable for being ecological.

At the end of the day, what is the point in having a car???

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