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Phone in 2020 GT

Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:37 pm

I'm hoping someone can tell me I'm wrong on how I'm doing this ... but on my Canada model 2020 GT I can't believe that making a phone call over bluetooth is so complicated.

The system connects with my phone and has downloaded the contact list. No problems.

And, yes, I have read the manual (quite painful to read!). And, no, it didn't help.

But, the best I can do is:

1. Register a name with a voice-tag
2. Press <call> on the steering wheel.
3. Wait for the system to wake
4. Say <TELEPHONE>. Note: not "phone" or "call"
5. Wait for the prompt
6. Say the tag <somename>
7. Wait while the system repeats the command and EVERY NUMBER in the tag
8. Confirm
9. Wait while it says <dialing> and repeats EVERY NUMBER in the tag
10. Wait hoping it works

I'm sure I'm missing a step to make it faster and easier. Yes?

The terrible manual states that with at BT connection I can simply press the <phone> button and say the contact name. Nope.

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