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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:57 am

I have had the car in twice to address the problems. Both times the "mechanic" has said " no fault found" when clearly the car has changed its operating parameters. MMCanada has a customer service desk staffed by a individual that has no idea how a PHEV works and they will not put you through to anyone who does know how the car operates. My car is under warranty and the dealer has no intention of addressing any of the issues.
From Facebook this seems to be a common issue, but MMCanada is not interested in addressing it. They will not even tell us if it is as a result of a engine start relay recall and software update. The mechanic at the dealer says he has never seen the problem before, says I do not have a problem and says he does not know the origin of the problem . I would not have bought the car if I had known that I would have no support or warranty.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:29 pm

There is a person on Facebook that is suggesting a class action against MMCanada for this unnecessary cold starting of the car. I feel that this is warranted by the fact that MMCanada sold us cars that performed as per the manual and now have reduced the functionality of the product that I purchased. In addition I, and I am sure other owners were very careful to ensure that their cars did not start with a roar when cold. We were minimizing the wear and tear on the engine by minimizing the number of high rev engine starts under cold conditions. Now the car fires up at high revs just as I turn onto the 100km/hr road at the end of our laneway. I have a 10 year 160,000 warranty on the drivetrain, but If MMs behaviour of not doing any work to solve my problems so far is any indication, they are unlikely to do any warranty work going forward.
I would love to hear from others having similar problems in Canada and if they have been able to overcome these problems.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:55 pm

I'm in the same boat. First winter in 2018 was fine, EV most of the time, I just had to make sure not to turn on the heater. Now it's lots of cold starts where the ICE barely warms up. It's at 56,000 km and 78% battery SOH. I read an article where someone in Europe was claiming PHEV's contribute more pollution due to all the cold starts. I bet it was based on the Outlander!

The ICE does a brief fast idle at first to warm up. Maybe if you are getting onto a busy road right away, you don't hear the idle and only hear the roar when it starts to respond the accelerator. You need a light foot to avoid it.

A class action would be interesting but I'm guessing there may not be enough owners. The most frustrating thing is that not all the cars have this issue. Gary Reed in northern Ontario did another video on YouTube last month to review EV performance of his PHEV after three years of use. His car (also a 2018 PHEV) still runs in EV just fine in the cold.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Mon Mar 29, 2021 11:41 pm

As European users don't seem to have this "cold start" problem, I doubt that the Outlander is the source of any pollution claim. Also whilst very successful, Mitsu sales are eclipsed by the Prius - most models of which continually go through an ICE stop-start cycle in urban traffic.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Wed Mar 31, 2021 4:52 am

Hi Msmatt: I assume if Garry is still not having trouble with his PHEV it is because he has not taken it in for the engine start relay. I will watch the video and perhaps attempt to contact him. He is well versed on the Outlander PHEV. I am still trying to sign up for the Canada outlander phev group that is talking about action against MMCanada. Our mechanic in London does not really understand the car and lacks the analytical skills to diagnose without his computer. I may have to search out a dealer who really understands the car. The Vtech box is an alternative and perhaps a resistor in the ambient air sensor is also something to look at. Our dealership is not interested in doing any warranty work. In addition to the ice start issue, our door locks do not work reliably and the steering is like playing a game of pong. The drift is down the road is now to the point that it is dangerous. 1" play in the steering wheel. It has always drifted but is now a challenge to drive.

As the ice problem renders our car very inefficient for 6 months of the year, I would like to have it adjusted to return it to its "as new" operating perameters, which meant you could keep it in EV mode as long as you didnt turn on the defrost. I hope others will raise the flag as well. I am sure that I was much gentler on the car when I controlled it, than how it controls itself.

As to the roaring engine, laneway is 1km long and uphill, so it stays in ev until we turn onto the highway at which point it revs up to about 3000 rpm on a cold engine ( just guessing )

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:14 pm

Just a minor note.

3,000 RPM doesn't sound like 'roaring' to me.

I've had a car that idled at 2000 RPM.

And my last car before the PHEV used to redline at 7,000.

Others have commented before that some drivers are stressing about engine noise which is actually quite mild, it's only the comparison with the nearly silent electric drive that makes it seem loud.


Please note that the PHEV engine has ceramic coated bearings because it is designed for cold starts.
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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Thu Apr 01, 2021 5:22 am

Hi Andy: It was just a guess as far as RPMs go. We used to drive a CRV and it sure is louder when I pull onto the highway. I dont know; I am a farmer and I would never run a bone cold engine i.e. 0C at much more than an idle until the oil was circulating. Just sayin!
But my main problem is the inability to hold the car in ev when it is under 10C. That is half of the year here, which renders the car largely as a ICE car for half the year. I am better able to baby the engine than the computer is and am also very conscious of the charging and discharging regime. I want the battery to last the life time of the car.

MMCanada has changed the car that they sold me and will not do anything to rectify the matter.

Thanks for your input though.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:22 am

As far as the relay upgrade goes, it is my understanding that is just a beefier relay and should not make a difference. They also had to replace the fuse/relay compartment cover with one which was a bit taller since the new relay bumped against it. Do you know for sure there were software changes with this?

You still have a very good HYBRID EV ... even with the ICE coming on when you don't think it should. After your next trip have a look at the power usage screen on the display ... it will show the percentage of EV vrs ICE driving. Even on long trips though the mountains with no recharging I get 50/50.

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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Thu Apr 01, 2021 10:52 am

Hi Mellobob, No I am not really sure what happened to my car when the relay was changed out. I do not know if they installed new software. The mechanic at the dealership tells a different story every time so I am sure that I do not know the truth. One time he says that they have changed the software to protect the battery, the next time he says the car is working as it did as sold. He even asked me to provide him with the sections of the manual that says our car should behave differently.
Most of our trips are to the local Y or just into town and average 10 km. Of the 10 km maybe 1km is done on ev. The other concern is the number of unnecessary cold starts.

When we bought the car it operated as per the manual for the 2018 PHEV. It no longer operates this way, the EV button and ECO buttons are all but ineffective. So 6 months of the year we have an ICE vehicle, for our type of driving. This is not what we were sold.
It is enough of a frustration that we will probably get rid of the car and hopefully replace it with a RAV 4 Prime, which I understand operates as per the manual. Dealing with Mitsubishi has been an absolute nightmare, with no technical expertise at the dealership and no mechanism to escalate your concerns. MMCanada does a very good job of preventing you from talking with anyone who knows anything about the car.

I am glad that you are happy with the PHEV. We were very happy with it for the first 2 years. We highly recommended the car and told many potential buyers that it was awesome. I am hoping that MMCanada will read some of these comments here and on other sites and resolve this issue.

Thank you for your input
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Re: 2018 Canadian PHEV wont run in ev.

Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:58 am

Under those circumstances on very short trips, less than 5km. it is even worst than a petrol vehicle.
There is no mechanical connection with the wheels only additional losses from electric energy conversion.
Along with the relay change they do and an BMU update.
This one I believe: ... /520072837
2018 Outlander PHEV (Canadian)

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