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Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Sat Nov 14, 2020 4:24 am

Appealing to experienced owners for help pse. Drove out of (non Mitsubishi) dealer with car fully charged on Monday (45k miles on clock). 2016 GX 4hs (Sept. reg)
Almost as soon as left garage the blue battery icon dropped to half way! By the time we got home (only 8 miles) the blue bar was almost gone and a smell of burning in the cabin? (Particularly concerned with baby in back).
Mitsubishi said the burning smell was common as wax(?) can burn when EV changes to engine mode, but we’d only gone 8 miles so should engine have kicked in that early?
Only had sat nav on and switched heating on for only ten mins to ‘test’ it at c.18 degrees.
The next morning blue bar was only up half way, if that.
Called Mitsub Dealer who said to calibrate/normalise the battery by giving it a full charge every night for 5 nights and drive each day, then on the 5th day it would show the average range we can expect? Does anyone know if this is true?
I’ve done two charges - 1st full charge said 16 miles range. Then wasn’t able to drive that day and after 34hrs dormant the range dropped to 7miles. I then drove around for six miles until it said 1 mile left. After the 2nd full charge it said 19 miles range and after being dormant overnight it‘d dropped to 15 miles (read this morning.)
Does this battery sound unreliable? Should it hold a higher charge for longer than just one night when dormant?
We are only occasional users in Zone 2 London so don’t want a PHEV that has to be charged every night but do need it for Ulez etc.
As today is fifth day of ‘7 day return promise for full refund’ thinking we should take car back today (temp insurance expires today) if the battery is unreliable.
Also car doesn’t have a full service history - although I asked Mitsubishi head office before we purchased and they said a lacking service history wouldn’t invalidate the 5 year warranty but that it was assessed on a case by case basis?
Any advice gratefully accepted!

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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:09 pm

If the battery is losing that much charge overnight, I'd guess that the heater is running.

Check all the settings in the MMCS (the touch screen) and look for timer settings. It's possible that someone has left it configured to heat up every night or every morning etc.

The burning smell is usually sprayed-on crap burning off the exhaust system.
(Dealers spray varnish on engines and exhaust systems and expect to be paid extra for this 'service')

Temperature and the accessories in use also significantly change the range you can expect.
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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:45 am

Should the problem actually be the battery - although your problem is a first on this forum- there is an eight-year guaranty on it. I. hope that you got Mitsubishi's assurance in writing.
The advice of your dealer sounds rather clueless, they could easily have offered a battery smoothing.
Andy's advice. is. spot-on, but personally I would demand that the. seller rectify these. problems, as. the car is clearly not fit for use as it is now.
It is very hard to put a. number to the. "proper" range to be expected as it depends on driving conditions. and driving style.
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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:11 pm

I also live in Zone 2 and my 2014 Gx3h has done 50k but after an all-night I always still have a "full" battery even if realisable range is only about 20 miles. So unless there is a problem with the battery something is draining the charge,

How do you charge overnight, duration & times, and also what time are you looking at car in morning?

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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Mon Nov 16, 2020 1:18 am

From your description I would say that the battery has a balance problem. At least one of the cells must be lower than the others. Having the heater on at night could explain also the drop in capacity on the morning, but not loosing half the battery state of charge by simply driving from the dealership. Driving and charging the car several times can help rebalance the cells, but if the cells are way out of balance it will take a long time. If I were you I'd return the car while you still can, something is fishy with the battery. Or they should at least diagnose the battery, do a cell smoothing and give you a new trial period.

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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Mon Nov 16, 2020 3:30 am

Thank you All for these very helpful responses! I’ll check the mmcs for the heater timer - never had such an advanced car before so all new to us - our last car was a 21 yr old Ford Ka to give you an idea! But not happy that the battery goes down so quickly while driving or while car is at a stand still.
On Saturday the range said 19 miles Just after a charge finished at midnight, 00.23. (Temp said 10deg). By Sat 10.55 am it had dropped to 15 miles roughly 10.5 hrs later. (Temp said 14 deg). We didn’t drive anywhere.
By 14.34 Sunday (Yesterday) approx 27.5 hrs later and no driving, the reading had dropped to 8 miles, temp said 12 deg - as it hasn’t been very cold in London.
I’m assuming the temp shown on the dash is the outside ambient temp rather than inside the cabin?
We then put 15 litres of petrol in to try and mitigate the potentially stagnant dirty petrol that might have been idling in the tank during car dealership storage and drove a few miles. (8 deg temp). We didn’t use the sat nav or heater just headlights and wipers.
The battery ran out and engine picked up but no burning smell this time?
Your replies are very helpful as I obviously don’t know what ‘the norm’ is and how rapidly the battery is meant to decline, whether in use or not.
Tried to attach pics of dash but files are too large.
We have until next Monday to return car. Btw do you know if they can charge you for a minor scratch (don’t know if it was there before we bought car) if they never gave you a record of the scratches but just showed you some on a video before you bought it? I don’t think they recorded all the ones we’ve spotted since buying it!
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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:44 am

I agree with Daixiwen.

The fully charged range on the Guessometer seems too low, and the rapid discharge is not usual.

Could you tell that the heater was on when you turned it on ?
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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:42 pm

Some things to remember:
1. If you drive your car the way you would with a normal ICE car, you will run through the battery very quickly. You may need to adapt to slower starts and stops.
2. If your car was fully loaded, the battery will drain more quickly.
3. If you use the heat, your battery will drain more quickly. Sometimes it pays to simply get the ICE to start to generate engine heat if it is very cold.
4. In cold weather, the battery will not hold as much of a charge as when the weather is warmer. The indicator may say fully charged, but the actual stored charge is less.
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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:29 am

You say charging on Saturday finished at 00.23. Was the car then unplugged? I leave mine in and "on" all night until I use the next day. If there is a heating cycle programmed in for early morning, by 10.55 Sunday then the car will have cooled down enough for you not to notice.

A number of people have been caught out by unknown heating cycles over the past few years with second-hand cars - so check this out first.

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Re: Burning smell, loss if battery, return car?

Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:34 am

Even if the car is plugged in, our's will not start charging again if a preheat starts. It seems that the charging process 'goes to sleep' once it thinks it has reached 100%, even if it drops later. So do check for unexpected preheating in the system, as that would drop your range and battery percentage
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