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UK Buyers guide - Which to go for £10-£15k

Wed Mar 17, 2021 3:16 am

Hi all,

My driving usage has changed over lockdown and set to be more home working. I've always admired the engineering of the Outlander PHEV and now might be in a position to own one.

Anyway I was just wondering if there's a buyers guide available (UK based) with what to look out for and what s costly maintenance etc?

Some questions I have:

- I've read that the facelift version has better software to improve acceleration in EV mode and also the ECO button.
- Were there running changes in battery capacity/hardware making particular years better buys for EV range etc?
- What is battery degredation like on a 50-70k mile vehicle?

I'm looking to spend 10-15k on the used market and want as low mileage and new as possible, I think I'd prefer a facelift model, but won't rule out pre-facelift if it presents itself as a better proposition.

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Re: UK Buyers guide - Which to go for £10-£15k

Wed Mar 17, 2021 5:24 pm

You could look at Richi's site: ... v-faq.html
Not sure you will find all the answers there, but there's a lot of useful stuff.
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Re: UK Buyers guide - Which to go for £10-£15k

Thu Mar 18, 2021 1:36 am

There is no real difference between pre-facelift (~2015) and post except mostly cosmetic. The real useful differences come in when the 2.4 engine and larger battery came out, but that is way beyond your budget. I think you'll be lucky to get a good facelift at that budget.

My personal advice (with a facelift 2016 5HS) is to go as high a spec as possible, and as good condition bodywork wise (paint and especially underbody). Don't see higher mileages as a disadvantage, it's not.

Good luck in your search, I hope you 'join the club' and enjoy your experience of the vehicle as much as most of us do.

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Re: UK Buyers guide - Which to go for £10-£15k

Thu Mar 18, 2021 2:47 am

Thanks, whether pre or post facelift it would have to be a 4H minimum for heater mainly, and for the projector headlamps on the pre-facelift.

For me pre-facelift has some benefits:
- I prefer the wheel style on pre-facelift
- I like the styling, front end is more "range rover" style
- General styling is more "SUV" focussed, but I would add a lot of the black plastic trim that the ICE gets (just personal preference) I prefer the look and also black plastic trim doesn't matter if it gets stone chips and parking knocks from day-to-day use.
- 40mm shorter FOH (looks better for proportions and parking etc)

So it's swings and roundabouts, I've seen some reviews which say the facelift model gets some software tweaks and ride and handling tweaks, and also some low speed acceleration tweaks to improve pickup, anyone know more?

Also another question, what is the maintenance schedule? I'd assume there no/little maintenance on the EV side of things, however are there any big jobs on the ICE that need doing? Does it have a belt drive camshaft? does the belt need changing or is it chain & fit for life?

I do my own servicing on my current ICE vehicles when out of warranty but was wondering what needs doing and when on an outlander, I understand the use case of the engine is very different (basically a generator) but I'd like to understand if there are any mileage/age points a large one off service job (like a cambelt for example) will need doing that I should factor in to a purchase.

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