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Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:14 am

This thread is for members to list their tips, tricks and modifications.


Of course such discussions can be taken elsewhere in separate threads.

So over to you, members, to fill the thread. :)
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 7:52 am

The following outlines some useful information I dug out of the manual while looking for functions that I could perform in a GX3h since it doesn't have MMCS. Some are just general information that I included, specification independent, as these were things I found out either on the forum or just by mucking about with the car, so not everyone will be aware.

Page 4-5 Setting of door and tailgate unlock function
This allows you to set whether the Unlock/Lock function on the fob controls all doors or just the drivers door.
I attempted to get this to work to no avail, so if someone can describe how it actually works that would be useful. :oops:

Page 4-13 Emergency Key
For those that aren't aware you have a standard key in your fob. Pull the little lever on the back of the fob to extract the key. Found out about this on the forum, being used to years of requiring a key to operate may car, found it novel to have a keyless car, only to find out that it did actually have a key :roll:

Page 4-27 To deactivate the vehicle inclination detection function and the interior intrusion detection function
Put the operation mode in OFF.
Raise and hold the wiper and washer switch to the “MIST” position for about 3 seconds.
The buzzer will sound once and the function will be deactivated.
To activate the function again, raise and hold the wiper and washer switch to the “MIST” position for about 3 seconds.
The buzzer will sound twice and the function will be activated.

Page 6-43 Coming Home Light
After you have turned the vehicle off with the headlight selector in either auto or off mode, pull the headlight indicator switch towards you and it will illuminate the headlights for 30 seconds.

Page 6-51 Windscreen Washer
If you pull and hold the windscreen washer switch it will spray until you release. If you pull and release immediately it will execute an auto function.

Page 7-11 Changing the operation mode
To put the vehicle into ACC (Accessories) mode, press the ON/OFF switch once without depressing the brake. Extremely useful if you just want to sit in your vehicle and listen to the radio. Unfortunately you can't go form Off to ACC then back to Off as the cycle is:

Off – ACC – On – Off

Page 8-6 Climate Control, synchronized versus dual mode

When climate control is first activated it is in synchronized mode, meaning the drivers temperature control sets both zones. If the passenger side has been used this sets it to dual or independent zone. If you want to set it back to synchronized mode, just hit the Auto button.

For GX3h users specifically
The intermittent wipers are set to speed sensitive, these can be set to standard intermittent, however your dealers has to set this, so either ask for this prior to pickup or at first service if you want it changed.
The door mirrors can be set from auto close to manual close, however again requires a dealer change. They are set to auto close on purchase, so again if you want this changed, its either asking prior to pickup or at first service.

I must admit that the translation in the manual goes from an extreme of a well translated sentence, to a word by word translation that means the sentence loses context, with some areas requiring more than one read in order to self interpret what they actually mean and hoping you assumed correctly.
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:57 am

When in an overtaking situation it is advisable to activate the Charge button in advance. That way one avoids the hesitation in acceleration caused by the need for the ICE to start to deliver full power.
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:59 pm

Drivers of more than 50km on a typical drive will benefit from a mod to the SAVE and CHARGE function operation, to allow a user preference to be saved. Useful for those holiday trips when towing a caravan as well.
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Outlander PHEV hacks mods tips tricks

Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:28 pm

Here is an ever-improving list of tips and tricks, variations of mods and hacks one can do to their Outlander PHEV.
Nothing is 100% so please test in your environment and let us know how you went :)

*** CAUTION ***
Please understand the below information are only guides and every bit of precaution must be taken by you before trying anything. Even professionals make mistakes! Better to ask stupid questions than to end up hurting yourself and others around you.

*** TIPS

Carging cable thieft protection #1 - Unplug the charging cable and drive over it so the wheel holds the cable in place. Be careful that rocks or sharp things are cleared away from the cable.

Carging cable thieft protection #2 - Loop the cable through the mag wheel and use a pad lock. They will have to steal your whole wheel if they want the cable :p

Carging cable thieft protection #3 - ??? Throw the charging cable (connected to a 15AMP extension cable), into the boot and lock the car. ??? not sure if the cables are too thick?

Driving, fuel electric efficiency - You will get the most effciency out of your PHEV if you use the electric motor where driving invloves lots of stopping and starting, so Disable the SAVE button in cities. ???is this right generally right guys???
When on long stretches of raod or going above 60-70km/h, make sure you use the petrol engine as it is more efficient ???

*** MODS

12V rear/ boot, power source - anyone know how to get an Always-On or even ACCessory 12v power in the boot? for lights and small devices (<50watts - not for fridges and heavy load things)


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Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:08 am

1. Press the LDW button for 10 seconds to swap to LDW 2 mode - this means it is off normally - until you switch it back on for motorways etc.

2. Turn off the tailgate if you have a dog that tries to squeeze through the gap when the tailgate lifter is operating (switch is by the accessory socket, underneath the heating controls).

3. Use the speed limiter to help you get better EV range by preventing you from being hard on the accelerator.

4. Use the B0 setting to Coast down gentle inclines and increase EV range.

5. Don't use the aircon all the time, try to pre cool the car whilst on charge, or just use the aircon to cool the car for the first mile or so and then switch to normal airflow on the lowest setting - the cooling vents will throw out colder than ambient temperature for quite a while.

6. Open the sunroof slightly, to prevent the car from warming up in direct sunlight whilst parked, but close the sunroof cover most of the way to restrict the sunlight that can get in the car.

7. Don't rely on the EV miles figure - instead use the number of bars that are left on the MMCS (if you have it) to predict your own range according to the mileage you have managed since you set off.

8. Ignore the number of leaves you get - it will frustrate you like mad.

9. Never arrive at your destination with any charge left, if you have charging available.

10. Switch off the voice on the satnav, the MMCS and/or Multi
Information Display screens are adequate.

That's my two-penneth.
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Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:48 pm

Whilst driving you can jump to B3 then straight to B5 without using the paddles by tapping back on the gear selector (once to B3, second tap to B5).

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When central display dims during daytime

Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:29 pm

When raining during day or at twilight the central map display will automatically switch to night-time mode and be almost invisible.

There is useful button on bottom right of central display that switches between automatic and manual mode to over-ride the default setting and make it visible.

Also useful if you want to quickly switch to 'daytime' setting when driving through bright areas at night.


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Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:24 pm

Press the tailgate button twice in quick succession to stop the beeper and open the tailgate manually.
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Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:58 pm

In very hot weather, keep the settings on normal for first few km so that car cools quickly, then switch to economy setting.

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