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Noob! MY16, what cable do I need
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Author:  VillageIdiotDan [ Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Noob! MY16, what cable do I need

Hi, really sorry, had a search through posts/google but couldn't work it out. Could you help please?

I'm in the UK and just bought an early MY16. I have a Type 2 Rolec wallpod on a 32amp ring main that I'll need to buy a charging cable for.
1. Is my only option to buy a Type 2 to Type 1 cable? (Is there any value in getting a 32amp cable as I know the Outlander can only handle 16amp).
2. can I buy an adaptor instead to convert the 3 pin plug into type 2 (can you tell I don't "do" electronics!)
3. is there loss or increase in time as a result of using a 5m cable versus 3m? (I see some on ebay for OK money).


VI Dan

p.s. I think Type 2 to CHAdeMO cable is not possible (or costs more than the car to achieve) as one is DC and the other is AC.

Author:  ThudnBlundr [ Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Noob! MY16, what cable do I need

1. A 32A cable is only £10 more than a 16A, and is a bit more robust. It will also work if you later buy a car with a 7kW charger, as most new ones do. Or you can sell it to someone who has ;) I bought a 32A cable for £115 a few months ago. Your other option is to use a 16A Commando socket and an appropriate charger similar to the one supplied by Mitsubishi, which will also charge at 16A as opposed to the regular one's 10A.

2. You can buy an adaptor, but they are inherently unsafe as they ignore some of the safety protocols built in to the type 1 standard. They're probably not designed to be used as part of a cable setup either.

3. In theory there might be a fractional increase in time due to the extra resistance, but you'd be hard-pushed to measure it ;)

PS anything is possible, but the electronics and hardware to do it would take up half the boot, weigh a lot and cost even more ;)

Author:  VillageIdiotDan [ Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Noob! MY16, what cable do I need

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Thud, that makes perfect sense.

That's a nice convocation of cars there

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