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Generator and Drive Unit Failure :: anyone else in the same boat?

Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:08 am

I bought my PHEV in June 2014 and it has done less than 100k miles since then.
It had sat unused for two weeks during the cold weather then did a short journey, when it suddenly lost power, gave an RBS Fault alert and then would only drive until the charge in the battery ran out.
I took it to my dealer who is telling me that the fault is that the generator and drive unit are both faulty and can't be repaired and would need to be be replaced.
The cost for that is estimated at £7,647 for the Drive unit and £5,487 for the generator, so over £13.5k
The car is only worth @ £6,760!! So it's effectively a write off :( :evil:
I am gutted! It should have had another 50k miles in it at least.
Full service history.
Only getting @14 miles to a charge in recent times.
Anyone else had a similar experience?
Any ideas?
Any ideas about where I might take it to get the generator investigated and repaired rather than just replaced?
ditto the power unit

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