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MMCS error? Pre-heating timer/Remote Climate Control.

Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:54 am

I wanted a battery health check done on a 2016 GX4hs before purchase from a car supermarket dealer (SD). Car has full Mitsubishi Dealer (MD) service history and 41k miles on clock. I also asked if the MD could take a look at the MMCS computer to resolve why the SD couldn’t turn off a pre-heating timer/remote climate control for all 7 days if needed. I posted the battery query in a different thread so as not to over-complicate this one, under 'Battery Health Check procedure - correct method?'

SD took it into MD 'G' last Tuesday. Re the MMCS, MD said they did a reset of the computer from the previous owner’s settings - I assume to reset it back to factory or default settings? They thought this had cured the pre-heat problem of only being able to turn off the timer for 6 days instead of 7 - if indeed it is a problem. However upon receipt of the car the SD said the problem still exists and sent 2 pics of the computer screen - attached - that say ’The settings value has been changing...’ followed by ‘Settings value cannot be changed’. So the SD will return the car to MD ’G’ this Friday to try and resolve. I am also asking other MD's to see if they know the answer.

Please can anyone advise:-
1. Whether this 'glitch' should be considered a problem (it is annoying even if it doesn’t pose a problem), or is it something quick to resolve by a MD that the SD simply doesn’t know about, eg. by a simple tap on the screen menu somewhere?
2. Whether the inability to turn off the heating/ac timer for the full seven days a week would cause a drain on the battery mileage range? Currently the SD says the MMCS will only turn off the timer for six days out of seven. When I test drove a different PHEV (but the same year/model/trim of car), I was easily able to turn off the heating timer for all seven days as it had been set by the previous owner to come on at 7.30 each morning. When I turned off all seven days of the timer, the battery range went up/no longer dropped its range overnight because the heater was no longer coming on - but would the actual state of the timer being switched on or off alone affect battery use? (Regardless of heater coming on.)
3. Would the timer on the MMCS /problem above be related to the mobile phone 'remote pre-heating app'?
4. If there is an actual problem should it be charged £ for? Or free to fix under manufacturer's warranty?
4. Can any harm be done or problems arise if the MMCS, or EV battery are ‘reset’, or drained and refilled?

The MD also checked that the SSID/WIFI passcodes had been updated for the mobile phone pre-heating app, as the 2016 models had a manu recall on them for this, so new codes have been printed off to replace the previous ones.

Any experience shared would be gratefully received as trying to buy soon before dealers' ‘click and collect’ is further affected by Covid - but obviously don’t want to buy if something can’t be corrected.

Many thanks in advance.
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