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Coming back to an Outlander - odd specs on MY20!

Mon Apr 05, 2021 3:19 am

Morning all! Having handed back my company 2015 GX3h a couple of years ago I have swanked around in a Volvo S90 for a few years, but a move to the country means I am looking to chop it in for another PHEV.

I've pretty much decided on requirements - has to be the latest drivetrain so at least MY19. I like all the safety features of my Volvo so an s trim. As a MY19 5hs isn't exactly common its probably a 4hs and I've identified a couple of suitable cars.

A browse this morning reveals Mitsubishi trying to shift MY20 pre-reg cars at a silly price - £27k for a 20 plate Dynamic on delivery miles. Oooooh I think, and have a look at whats on the trim which is supposedly 4h renamed.

Have I got this right that in the switch from MY19 4h to MY20 Dynamic they deleted LED headlights, heated screen, heated steering wheel and the 360 degree camera? What were they thinking? OK so there's new heating controls and a 1" bigger screen (meh), but with comfort and safety kit that had been standard removed?

Normally when manufacturers are shifting run-out vehicles the amount of kit included goes up, not down...

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Re: Coming back to an Outlander - odd specs on MY20!

Fri May 07, 2021 2:32 am

That’s correct — dealer told me that it was to keep the retail price below £40k for road tax purposes (they put the prices up but didn’t want the overall spec to come to more than 40k). This was before covid, and now they have a lot of these cars preregistered.

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Re: Coming back to an Outlander - odd specs on MY20!

Wed Jun 09, 2021 9:41 am

I think the £40k theory makes sense. I have just placed an order for a low mileage 70 plate Outlander phev direct from Mitsubishi in Dynamic trim. The list price when new was just under £40k with the metallic paint. So it avoids the extra £335 per year road tax in years 2 to 5.
I'm paying just under £27k for it, with a cracking part ex price on my vehicle and I think it an absolute bargain!!

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