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Cabin hot and cold at the same time

Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:15 am

Hi, i have Mitsubishi outlander phev MY19 and problem with heater. Summertime everything is working okay but when air is cooler (+5 - -40) cabin could be warm and everything is okay and suddenly heater give +40-50 or more to leg and to window +15-20 (If outside is like -20 celsius and It blows cold to window, cabin is very quickly very cold). So my foot are burning and socks are wet, at the same time my head and fingers are freezing. Local Mitsubishi seller and Country Mitsubishi importer support says that this is normal feature and everything is okay. My opinion is that this is not normal feature, If so, why every Mitsubishi outlander phev MY19 cars don't have same kind of feature.
Usually this problem occurs when i drive longer trip with gasoline.

Does someone same "feature" and any tips what could i do to fix it? Car has still garantee but no one is doing anything. Is it only way to solve this problem to sell car and buy some other manufacture car.

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Re: Cabin hot and cold at the same time

Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:19 am

Can't answer you question because I have never had this sort of problem. Other users have had problems over the years with heating but, again, not the same, as I remember. It certainly isn't normal and your dealer is a liar - find a new one!

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