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Re: Tow rating of New Zealand Vehicles

Here in South Australia, the government relies on the manufacturer.

This is from a govt website:

Increased towing capacity and gross combination mass not permitted

A vehicle’s towing capacity is determined by the manufacturer with consideration to all aspects of the vehicle including:

chassis strength
engine and transmission capability
engine cooling package
axle ratings
suspension components
wheels and tyres
towbar rating and attachment
ball weight limits.

It is considered that component manufacturers do not have the resources to test vehicles to ensure that these factors are adequately addressed.

Consequently, applications for increased towing capacity or increased gross vehicle mass will not be considered.
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Re: Tow rating of New Zealand Vehicles

I am not a NZ local but am in the US, Utah to be specific- mountains and desert. I have a 2018 outlander PEHV with official tow capacity of 1500 lbs (about 750Kg). I hooked up my 1100 Kg tent trailer and it pulled fine around the neighborhood. I am wondering if anyone had to upgrade transmission cooling system or has had issues with burned out transmission. Do breaks need to be upgraded (the trailer has breaks)? Looks from the discussion is that people think charge should be activated when not going uphill. Planning a solo outing this week but 4 person family outings later in the summer. Advice or reassurance appreciated.
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Re: Tow rating of New Zealand Vehicles

Before purchasing my 2020 Phev I searched towing ability and came across the following page that I thought quite useful. ... -outlander

My van weighs approx 1300kgs and when I took it out for a trial got about 30 something klms before engine kicked in.
Early days because of travel restrictions but I do not have any doubts about the vehicles capabilities, depending on throttle use of course.

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Re: Tow rating of New Zealand Vehicles

SilverD - Thanks for the very informative write up! I'm in the process of upgrading the Leaf to a tow wagon, and the PHEV seems to tick the boxes. We also own a 1400kg caravan so expect the PHEV should be able to drag it around no problem. Question on the battery degradation piece (prob somewhere on this forum also) but specific to your current ownership: Your PHEV is fairly new (2020?) have you noticed SOH excess deterioration during this time?
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Re: Tow rating of New Zealand Vehicles

Hi JoelNZ
I have just ticked up 30000 klms in 25 months. It is a Jan 2020 build with the larger battery and 2.4 eng. Have not done a SOH test as yet. Range has varied from 38 klms up to 60 klms in the last few weeks, which depended on throttle use mainly. Six weeks between fills of 38 litres for a distance of 1329 klms. I have not been overly concerned as the car does what I want it to. Goes quick when I need to and is very economical when I want it to be. Tows a 7x5 trailer quite regularly and had absolutely no trouble when loaded with soil that was nearly overflowing. It gets used on country roads and highway virtually everyday and charged up off peak $0.20 kwh overnight.
The genuine fun part is juggling to arrive home with less than 1 klm on the guessometer.
On my car I feel that the speedo is about 3-5 klm/h slow.
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