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Main Battery Replacement Options

Hi Everyone

My apologies if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find it.

My UK 2015 PHEV Battery is starting to show it's age and before the Battery Warranty expires, I wanted to explore my future options. I wondered if the newer 2018/19 13.8KWh batteries were backward compatible with the older cars such as mine?

Secondly, after a lot of googling, I have never been able to ascertain the cost of a NEW replacement Battery in the UK, nor can I find anyone offering to strip and re-build with NEW Cells - Is there anyone out there that has pursued either of these options?

Thanks for the good work
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Re: Main Battery Replacement Options

I don't know about the fitting the newer ones but I have always assumed a new battery would cost between £5 & £8k before fitting. I used the price difference between EVs which lease or sell you the battery with the car.
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Re: Main Battery Replacement Options

I was wondering also about 13.8KWh batteries. Is compatible with 2016 cars? Or we need change BMU with battery?

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