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Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

I just purchased a 2018 SEL via Carmax and have driven the car for about 2 days now. I have a full-ish tank of gas in it and fully charged and the total miles with both gas and electric says about 200 miles. When I google the range of the 2018 PHEV, I see it should be 310 miles. I was so concerned about the battery only range that I neglected to see the total range until after I purchased the vehicle.

Perhaps I have to reset some trip meters for a more accurate assessment of the range but has anyone else had a similar issue? The vehicle has not been driven much in a year as it with other dealers and carmax (assuming the carfax info is correct). I did drive hybrid on the highway between Carmax and home twice.

Any particular repair I should look out for. For example, I thought I read in the forums about a sticky parking brake or bad brakes in general causing bad mpg.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to my first EV experience. So far enjoying being on B5.
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Re: Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

The sticking brakes is definitely the first thing to look for.

Also the 'guessometer' makes it's estimate based on past driving plus the current state of the car.

The estimates can vary wildly depending on these things.

For example, I took my brother out for lunch to a restaurant on top of a hill.

The next day (after I'd cruised home downhill all the way) the guessometer said that I had 84km of available battery range...

Load, heating/cooling, driving style all play a part.

But for now, check the brakes first, that's the issue that has caused the biggest range changes so far.
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Re: Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

I purchase my first hybrid a few months back, 2018 24L H. Drove it away from dealer with virtually no battery charge and 50 miles worth of stale petrol. Filled it up at the petrol station just down the road and was very concerned to see the predicated range of 190 miles. By the time I had driven the 150 miles down the M25 and up the A12 with my range increasing all the time I got home with about a 200 mile predicted range. As said it’s a guesstimate from the previous journey. With a full tank and charge I regularly get and achieve a range of 420 miles. Currently doing a daily 80 mile round trip and getting 69mpg so all good and better then the 38mpg I was getting with my Volvo XC70, lovely though it was.
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Re: Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

Thanks AndyInOz and Mikeal2! You are both absolutely right.

I took my 2018 SEL for a long drive yesterday and my 200 guestimated miles at full tank kept staying the same while my gas meter kept going down and by the end of my ~120 mile trip, the outlander was saying I had 240 miles with 3/4 tank. I haven't filled up but likely will be closer to 300 miles when full.
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Re: Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

Just a reminder to check tyre inflation pressures as low pressure will adversely affect range
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Re: Hybrid Range on Full Tank, 2018

It's possible that the range estimate on your 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is off due to a variety of factors. For example, the range can be affected by driving conditions, the use of certain features (such as the air conditioning or heater), and the age of the battery.

To get a more accurate estimate of the range, you may want to reset the trip meters and then drive the car as you normally would. This will give you a better idea of the range you can expect based on your driving habits.

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