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2013 Japanese PHEV and Charging


We have a 2013 PHEV we just got and was wondering if there's anyway to set it to charge to only 80%? I'm told charging to 100% is bad?

We haven't got the SD card that converts it to English but it's on its way.

Also is it bad to use the fast chargers (type 1 that delivers up to 50kw in NZ is free in most places) . ... ation-faqs

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Re: 2013 Japanese PHEV and Charging

No and no.

The battery management systems for most EV charging never go to 100% (and never drop to zero) - that's how they get to extend the battery life to around 10+ years of "normal" use. Because, apparently, Tesla allows users to modify this, the myth has grown up that we get to 100% in our PHEVs.

If the charger will plug in the on-board system will only draw a max of 7kw no matter how big the charger is. The exception are CHADEMO chargers (not type 1) which bypass the car's software to slam in a full charge in about 20 minutes (but only up to 80% of normal). It is these, which regular use of, might degrade the battery.
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Re: 2013 Japanese PHEV and Charging

The PHEV will only ever draw a maximum of 3.6kW (not 7kW) from a type 1 AC charger if it is able, as that is all it has been designed to manage. If you connect it to a 7kw, 22kW or 43kW charge, it will still only take a maximum of 3.6kW. If the charger is setup for less than 3.6kW, it will take that as a maximum. Basically, if you can plug the type 1 cable in, it will charge safely.

The DC Chademo chargers will only take around 20kW for 20-25 minutes before cutting off at 80% full. You can restart the charging, but the charge rate will be tiny and almost certainly not worth the wait
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