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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

It's the actual state of charge of the battery at the time the state of health was reported. Around 43% at 3.88V per cell doesn't sound bad.
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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

Hi! I'm new on the forum, and a new owner of Outlander '17 model (used, Norwegian edition). Reading about all you guys have found out is extremely interesting! I installed the Watchdog and looking at the data, I'm wondering what you think about it.

When I bought the car, the battery showed 78% (31.2Ah) capacity. At 52kkm, I guess this is not too good, but that's how it is. I talked to the dealer about DBCAM, and I was thoroughly ignored - but that's another story.

Since the car is still on warranty, I don't yet want to do any DYI resets. I found a very nice page by Richi (https://www.richi.uk/p/mitsubishi-outla ... l#phevfaqH), where he suggested that we could help the BMU to figure out the actual battery capacity by something similar to the DBCAM procedure. In short:

- discharge the battery as much as is allowed by the car, i.e., drive to empty, leave for an hour (SOC around 25-30%)
- turn on heating from battery, wait until heating stops (SOC at this point is 20%)
- waiting a few hours, confirm SOC of 20%. If more, heat again. If OK, then charge it full

So that's what I did. SOC at the bottom is 20.3% (6.3Ah), with voltage 3.807V. After charging full the dog shows 105.1% (32.7Ah), with voltage 4.097V. Since then the BMU decided my capacity dropped to 77.8% (31.1Ah), but it still sometimes charges up to 32.7Ah.

So my question is - in your opinion, what is the actual SOH of this battery considering the voltage at SOC 20.3? Has anyone succeeded in getting the BMU to improve it's estimate on the battery capacity? I do see potential in my case, but of course I might be wrong.

What do you think?
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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

This thread is too long to read all in a short time, so I dont know if this has been pointed out but here goes.
Instead of disconnecting the 12v battery and being unable to open the tailgate to re connect and climbing in the back etc. etc.... there is a fuse in the main fuse box in the engine bay, called IOD. It means Ignition Off Draw or Install On Delivery according to some. It is easy to find as it has a big yellow carrier or puller on it. PULL IT OUT, while shutdown this will reset everything the same as the battery disconnection.

And you can easily open the driver door with the key, and open the bonnet from there.
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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

It worked for me on my Mitsubishi Outlander phev 2016..
Got 38A but good for this time..
I think one can get 40A.
Think of that the trunk door will not open when you have the 12V battery of..
And you get a varning of EV when you first start the car again. But turn it of and on again and it will go away. You will have the fault code in the memory though.. for a while. Code P1AE6...

I did like this.

Disconnected batteri minus for 6 hours.
Connected the loader
Put the minus on for 3-6 sek so I see it started to load.
Then disconnected the minus again.
Let it load full and then let it load for another 8-10 hours.. so about 12-14 hours load.

Then I had 56km range and 38Ah! (Before I had 26Ah)

But when I drove 1 km it was down to 50km range..

I just did it yesterday så I will see how long it takes to go down again..
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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

Hi everyone what is on the video /Australian Customer “Andy”/ is not working most of the time damage to the system, and without the MUT can't do anything really because is a special function to start the DBCAM and the reset just clear the data information, the information is from MMC little help here: https://carhoodsecrects.com/mitsubishi- ... -or-reset/
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Re: Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

Thank you for referring to https://carhoodsecrects.com/mitsubishi- ... -or-reset/ What a hive of info he provides.
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