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Re: False Advertising - Class Action Lawsuit

Speaking of false advertising, Mitsubishi continues to advertise "up to $7500 in federal EV incentives" (US) when they know damn well that ship has sailed. The made-in-Japan PHEV hasn't qualified for that in MONTHS now, and probably never will again. Yet it's still plastered all over their website and emails...

As for gripes about the PHEV, I am also disappointed that "EV mode" gets ignored as much as it does, for stupid stuff. Sure, if you floor the GO pedal, I want the engine to fire up and give me max power. But if I make one little adjustment to the hvac...and then the engine fires up...wtf?? Obviously many of us hoped it would act more like a BEV with range extender, but alas, it's still just a Hybrid for better and worse, and it does what it wants.

FWIW there is a "trick" (described on this website and elsewhere) that works most of the time, to keep it in EV mode, especially helpful for short trips. Power w/ no brake (ACC mode) > EV Mode > Power with brake (on/Ready) > Drive...don't adjust regen or hvac
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Re: False Advertising - Class Action Lawsuit

A Mitsubishi dealer in Los Angeles ad for $7500…

The fine print is leasing from Santander. Probably the Santander would give you some discount because when they got the car back after 39months, the $4000 fed tax is real to sell to next customer as a certified pre owned.

I am holding MY2018 to trade in for the MY2023 in 2026 :-)

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