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Who are you?

Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:23 pm

This forum has grown massively since I joined 6 months ago. I have learned so much from the members on here. I can only thank the nameless people that send me into thinking mode every day. It makes me feel like my toy is STILL my new toy!

The activity on the forum is incredible, new topics being created all the time; new people adding to old topics. I have to say - I love the forum.


Someone posted (sorry I can't dig out the post), that it would be good to put your location in your profile. I agree with that. It helps with the context of how you read the post and how you reply.

Bear in mind, we are/will be having a lot of new people who have the facelift model who could give us an insight into answers to questions we have not asked yet, or new aspects of the vehicle we have not even considered.

As an existing owner and active forum member - I would like to be able to respond with an answer to a problem ONLY if I know that I am factually correct as there are many features of the new model which I do not have any experience in.


I invite existing and new members to introduce themselves here, even if they don't update their profile.

I suggest the following information:

1. Owner / possible owner / date of delivery
2. Model / possible model
3. Facelift / non facelift (after or before 2016 exterior change)
4. What attracted you to the car initially
5. Location - city & country
6. Occupation (plus what that means in real language)
7. Experience of EV/REV/PHEV you have had before
Pearlescent White GX4HS from 30 April 2015

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Re: Who are you?

Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:31 pm

So I had better go first...

1. Owner - 30/04/2015
2. Model - GX4HS MY 2015
3. Non facelift
4. What attracted you to the car initially - the chance to have a different driving experience and the gadgets. Plus I wanted to be a bit different.
5. Location - Doncaster, UK
6. Occupation - Owner of a training company specialising in the continuous professional development of lorry, bus an coach drivers
7. Experience of EV/REV/PHEV you have had before - none, my first venture into any form of electric vehicle. Don't think I would change now!
Pearlescent White GX4HS from 30 April 2015

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Re: Who are you?

Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:45 pm


Some of that is in my signature, but I've added my location... because I agree that is useful information for forum readers.

I'm a Business/Systems Analyst (translation I work on building and maintaining very large computer systems),
I live a fairly sustainable lifestyle (chickens, veggies, fruit and nut trees in the garden, often ride a bicycle to work etc.)

In my case, I've wanted an electric vehicle for a long time. This desire was compounded, because I was finding it more and more difficult to fold myself into my hot hatch (Barina GSi/Open Corsa B AKA Opel Vita Sportz).

I have heard tales of joy, from electric RAV owners in the USA, so you can imagine my delight when I found the PHEV!

2014 PHEV Aspire, Arctic Silver;
Black Interior;
Hayman Reese removable tow bar;
1.5kW Solar, grid connected.

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:30 am

Here is the info for myself, plus the "sig" stuff.

I would also encourage users to update their profile to show the basic info under their username - locaton would certainly be helpful.


1. Owner - date of delivery - Early October
2. Model - GX4h - Glacier Blue
3. Non facelift - March 2015 registered
4. What attracted you to the car - EV and amazing tax benefit (company and personal)
5. Location - Cambridge, UK
6. Occupation - Space and Satellite Consultant - commercial use of Space
7. Experience of EV/REV/PHEV - PHEV virgin!
2015 Outlander PHEV GX4h Glacier Blue
Cree Sidelights - Osram Night Breakers - Reverse Sensors - LED DRL - Rear Power Sockets - Front & Rear Dash Cams
Removable Tow Bar

1993 Red Eunos Roadster - Imported form Japan 2016 - 136,000 kms
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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:06 am

1. Awaiting arrival of GX4H - hopefully around the middle of November.
2. GX4H Orient Red. Private Owner.
3. MY16 - more than a Facelift.
4. Not sure. Didn't even know it existed 2 months ago and had a Skoda Superb 2.0 diesel 4x4 estate on order which I cancelled in fury when the VW stuff hit the fan....started looking for alternatives and somewhere along the line fell over the PHEV and from there the more I learned about it the faster it moved to the top of my list.
5. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.
6. Retired Insurance Manager.
7. No previous experience of EV other than two test drives with outgoing model then MY16.

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:18 am

1. Owner since December 2014.
2. MY14/15 GX3 Metallic Black.
3. Non-Facelift.
4. Was looking for a replacement for my 1.4D Yaris and was very interested in the ASX, when I went to see an ASX saw the PHEV and thought that's quite interesting. Chatted with the missus, took it for a test drive, both loved it, so got one on Lease.
5. Sidcup, Kent, UK.
6. Solution Architect.
7. No previous experience of EV.
Owner of Angus my 2014 GX3h in Black Metallic that resides in Kent, UK
It has personalised carpet mats, a Blaupunkt Dash Cam and Angel Lights
My PHEVs called Angus in respect of the lead guitarist Angus Young from AC/DC

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:41 pm

Good idea - been meaning to do something similar....!

1. Owner since July 2014
2. GX4h Glacier Blue
3. Non-Facelift
4. Slightly sorry to say, it is the only large purchase I have ever made as a result of an advertisement (large advertising feature in 'What Car?'!). Private purchase, so no tax advantages :lol:
5. Bearsden, near Glasgow, Scotland
6. Orchestra Librarian
7. another EV virgin
GX4h in Glacier Blue from 17/7/14

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:00 pm

OK, I'll bite!

1. October 2014
2. GX4h
3. non facelift
4. Tax benefits, electric transmission, reasonable off-road capabilities at 50% the running cost of our Landcruiser
5. 50-50 Hertfordshire and Southampton - which accounts for our relatively unexciting MPG!
6. IT Sales - mostly to the UK government
7. We ran a Prius for about ten years as the second car. Actually the thing that kicked us into buying the PHEV was our son wrecking his car - we gave him the Prius and bought the PHEV.

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:33 pm

Ok, just ordered our PHEV today:
1. Due Jan 16
2. 4hs
3. Facelift 2016
4. Private owner, so economy and great car to drive
5. Swindon, Wiltshire
6. Retired as of last week so no need for 2 cars now and no more long commutes.
7. Had a Prius about 8 yrs ago but traded in for BMW 520, then AUDI A6 3.0 estate, both with great MPG. After VW scandal now switching fron diesel to E V.

Love the Outlander PHEV, drove an Audi Etron but didn't like it.

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Re: Who are you?

Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:51 pm

1. June 2014
2. Aspire "top of the range in AUS"
3. floor mats, bonnet protection, NEW Decent driving lights, Angel eyes LED DRL, USB power panel, sticky SAVE mod.
4. Had to be PugIN hybrid, to satisfy all driving needs. Extends OFFgrid solar energy storage. First new car purchased.
5. Regional Australia
6. Retired Chemical Analyst.
7. Had a dual fuel Nissan Maxima, 1994, 350000km. Wanted a NEW car, appropriate to future driving needs, and could work to better utilize surplus electricity from my solar panels.
8kW Solar Self Use, 16kWh 24V LYP battery, 3.3kW Battery Inverter
PHEV Solar Recharging Station
1.7kW Solar Grid connect

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