Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV complests Asia Cross-Country Rally


“The rally car is based on the production Outlander PHEV. Main components of the rally car’s PHEV systems come from the production model with a revised control system in order to further promote MMC’s EV and 4WD control technology development.

To this end the electric motors’ output was enhanced, generator output raised, capacity of the drive battery increased. Changes made to the Twin Motor 4WD System which utilizes the S-AWC (Super All-wheel Control) Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System knowhow honed from the Lancer Evolution enhance traction performance.

In addition, the rally car takes full advantage of the performance provided by the higher-output PHEV system and Twin Motor 4WD System through a higher ground clearance and longer suspension stroke, the use of rally-spec high-profile tires and other modifications made to improve its off-road performance. These changes resulted in the 2015 Outlander PHEV completing the rally for the third year in a row.”


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