Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Pricing

As Mitsubishi rolls out the Outlander PHEV around the world, pricing details will be updated on this page.

Japan Outlander PHEV Price

The Outlander has a price tag of 3,324,000 JPY to 4,297,000 JPY ($37,500 to $48,500) , but qualifies for a 430,000 JPY subsidy, bringing the base cost down to 2,894,000 JPY ($32,500 USD).

Netherlands Outlander PHEV Price

Mitsubishi has announced 3 trim levels for the Outlander plug-in hybrid.

Intense + is prices at € 43,490
Instyle is priced at € 48,990
Instyle+ is priced at € 51,990

Sweden Outlander PHEV Price

In Sweden, the plug-in hybrid goes on sale in August 2013 and is available in 4 trim levels. The price range for those trims is 419,900 SEK to 475,900 SEK.

UK Outlander PHEV Price

The PHEV Outlander is expected to cost around £30,000 (after the £5000 Government low-carbon grant), with sales starting in July 2013.

Mitsubishi’s UK website states the vehicle “qualifies for the £5000 electric vehicle grant (subject to confirmation)”. The site also says the Outlander PHEV is exempt from vehicle excise duty, and can drive in and out of London without paying the congestion charge.

USA Outlander PHEV Price

Update April 2016: Due to a slight increase in the batter pack size (up to 12 kWh pack size now) the Outlander PHEV should qualify for up to $5400 in rebates. Pricing for the Outlander PHEV will be announced in August 2016.

No price has been announced yet for the US or Canada, but estimates based on pricing in other countries put the price around $41,000 to $53,000 USD. In addition, the US federal government has incentives that could be up to $5000 in tax rebates because of the size of the battery pack.

Australia Outlander PHEV Price

February 2013 – Paul Unerkov, Mitsubishi Australia vice-president, said that the price will range from $40,000 to $50,000 AUD.

New Zealand Plug-in Outlander Pricing

Set to be priced above the top-of-the-line gasoline powered Outlander, the Outlander PHEV XLS will retail at $59,990 NZD, and $66,990 NZD for the flagship model Outlander PHEV VRX.

Ireland Outlander plug-in hybrid Pricing

The Outlander PHEV goes on sale in Ireland this summer from €41,950.


  • George Selvam L says:

    I like to know when will the Mitsubishi outlander PHEV be released in india and what the price will be? George

    • admin says:

      Mitsubishi has not released any information on whether or not the Outlander Plug-in will be headed to the Indian market.

      • Ajitabh says:

        Hi There,
        Is there any Information on outlander at all??
        I just want to know if its going to be released at all in India.
        It’s a better SUV then pajero sport anyday.
        I l

        • admin says:

          What sort of info are you looking for? We have specs etc because the vehicle has been released in the Netherlands. We don’t know about any release planned for India yet.

  • Wayne Dederick says:

    Are there updates on when the Outlander PHEV will be sold in the USA and do you have estimates on its price ?

    • admin says:

      No updates yet from Mitsubishi, they’re still aiming for a January 2014 launch of the Outlander PHEV. They’ll have to give us pricing and other details sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  • Bruce Moore says:

    Why did Mitsubishi chose to put the charging ports on the passenger side near the rear of the vehicle? In the USA charging posts (EVSE) are at the end of the parking space that most people pull forward into. The charging cable may not be long enough to reach.
    Didn’t Mitsubishi learn anything from Tesla.

    • John Walters says:

      Can Americans not reverse park (into a space), maybe they should go with the option of reverse parking cameras?

  • Andy says:

    UK dealers not expecting the car for some months still 🙁

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the update Andy! Are you a dealer, or did you speak with one who told you it will still be months?

  • Frank says:

    Has the release date and price been set for the PHEV in Australia yet?

    • admin says:

      No price or release date yet. Last we heard was an 8 month delay for Australia, which put the first deliveries in ‘at least January [2014].’ Mitsubishi Motors Australia is lobbying for an entry-level PHEV that would be sub-$40,000. Read more here

  • Yury says:

    Bruce Moore above said reasonable problem with the charging port location. X5 made it more comfortable, near the driver’s door. When driver comes to his garage or parking lot first he disconnects the power plug. But phev user should go aroung the car to disconnect it.

  • LLninja says:

    Still waiting… I’m beginning to think we will never see the Outlander PHEV in the US

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