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    Part Wanted Space saver wheel wanted in the UK

    You didn't have to waste your time explaining, but that's often the outcome in a forum, and it's completely voluntary. So don't blame me for it. Another consideration is I really don't care what you do or think, but maybe someone elso could find my suggestion useful. And since you have stated...
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    MiPHEV's Highway Trip Economy, Trailering, and Fuel Logbook Data

    What I want is a simple way of preventing the engine starting when EV range drops to zero and I have 2km to go to get home where i can Plug In. I will, and do, use save and or charge mode to acheive several goals. 1/ get the engine up to full operating temperature for as long as possible, 2/...
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    Part Wanted Space saver wheel wanted in the UK

    Ludicrous? Really? In your own words in your second post on this you said you had bought one but only going to carry on long trips. It kind of suggested space was going to be an issue. So I stand by my remark about finding space to put it. Otherwise why did you want a space saver in the first place?
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    Part Wanted Space saver wheel wanted in the UK

    While I didn't say it directly I was thinking that if you want a spare, get a proper one rather than a space saver. That way you can carry on as normal, and if you are fully loaded then at least you know where the dead one can be put. I cannot believe that available space is so limited that a...
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    Part Wanted Space saver wheel wanted in the UK

    How long do you wait when you're in the middle of nowhere?
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    Ev system service required after 100 mile drive - stranded

    If the drive battery was "weak" wouldn't you have some indication of that? Like no range as an EV, or very little? Also nobody said it was towed backwards, but I had pondered this and it seems regeneration does not occcur in reverse, then on the other hand you could not tow the car without...
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    Part Wanted Space saver wheel wanted in the UK

    I've ignored this thread until now, so here goes. Space savers are a joke. Never mind any nonsense about TPMS etc. Consider this, and it applies to all cars that came with that nasty little skinny tyre but probably more so for cars that did not. If you load your car with all your junk for a...
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    Return to EV mode after gas engine starts

    Regarding the fuel being used until topping up. My 2018 will run the ICE after 3 months when it thinks I have not put 15 litres into it in one top up. It will not go into parallel hybrid mode in this situation and reports "using old fuel". I don't think 3 months is necessarily the right period...
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    Use of 'jump start' terminal

    I'd question the need to inflate the trailer tyres so much that this is even a concern at all. If there's an underlying problem with tyres going flat, fix it. Pump them up at home or a service station (allthough I know that can be unreliable). And what do you mean by "high pressure"? I carry a...
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    24 km range

    EV mode is my "Normal" for short trips. It means the ICE wont start just because I accelerated a bit quick for whatever reason. I really do not want the engine running for very short periods and not getting upto to proper operating temperature. This is really bad for any engine over time. If...
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    How to open the big external flap for charging? suspected flat aux battery.

    Get th Get the dumbest of dumb chargers. literally a transformer with a rectifier. Smart chargers, unless there's dead battery override, will not begin to charge a dead battery. Then, once you have enough charge, start the car and it will take over and charge the 12v battery. However, I had a...
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    Roof load capacity - Outlander PHEV 2018

    I was fitting some flaring nuts into the holes in the roof rack rails, while standing on a ladder next to the car, I ended up making some significant dents in the 'shoulder' adjacacent the rails with my knee. That metal is very easy to damage! It may be that the roof, or rather ther pillars...
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    Full on conversation to CCS or NACS?

    That's probably because it's a PHEV not BEV, so the battery is smaller. You cannot charge a 20kWh battery at the same rate as a similar voltage 100kWh battery. Because you'll set it on fire.
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    Charge timer issue

    Kind of sounds like the timer was still set when you got the car. There is no delay built in, so you are cancelling the timer with the fob.. I just checked mine (2018 NZ). Changing the language on the settings menu for driver multifunction screen only changes the language for that screen so no...
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    Switch on side of steering column

    Well yeah it was kind of obvious GX4hs is a model designation referring to trim level etc. But I could say my New Zealand market 2018 is VRX, but that would not be telling you very much. It so Happens that in NZ, VRX has the works. I.e the top trim level at that time. With others being XLS...
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    Beeping while standing still or driving under 20km/h. Help 🫢

    It's a bit of a bastard getting to the controller under the electric motor so I will struggle to get motived to get in there again. But I looked at the wiring diagrams from an online manual (Russian) to find the wire colour for the driver switch. Also identified the Boot hatch switch wire by...
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    2023 vs. 2017-2022 Outlander PHEV suspension lift

    All modern cars (probably everything else too) have inaccurate speedometers. The rules state they 1. must not indicate less than actual. 2. may indicate as much as 10% over actual 3. can indicate as much as 4km/h in addition to the above. Legend has it that the car companies forced this on...
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    Switch on side of steering column

    For us not in UK, What's a 64 plate? What's GX4hs? I guess you meant Rocker switch, but why would anyone want to turn off the front parking sensors
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    Can the CHAdeMO socket be replaced by a Type 2 Connector in a 2021 PHEV like Eclipse built on same EV platform?

    Those 2 things are completely different. Type 1 and Type 2 are both AC inputs and differ only in shape and that Type 2 Can be 3 phase but is often Not, as in this case because the onboard charger is only 3.7kW single phase anyway. CHAdemO is DC charging directly into the battery as is the DC...
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    Can the CHAdeMO socket be replaced by a Type 2 Connector in a 2021 PHEV like Eclipse built on same EV platform?

    We're talking about 4 different things here, mine has J1772 aka Type1 AC plus CHAdeMo DC sockect Newer models and many other cars have the Type2 or CCS which is combination of Type2 and a couple of big fat pins for DC. As far as I understand the CCS accepts both theType2 plug for AC and the...