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    Display Screen Problems

    Just got mine replacement screen, reported it in December 2022 and it's arrived August 2023! --- For anyone you of warranty I've seen these parts available and YouTube videos and how to fix the screen, or you could take it to a local micro electrics fix it shop and they could help replacing...
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    PHEV Mode Not Available - 2022

    Hi styopr Did you every get to the bottom of this, I seem to be have similar problems, battery with 14mile range (60% charged) with fresh fuel and warm temperature outside. Thanks Richard Post here:
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    Outlander 2020 Dynamic - EV Mode Canceled/Not available

    Thanks for the quick reply. It’s a 2.4litre, year of manufacture 2019. I don’t think the B4/5 selection is an issue on this older vehicle. I have always been able to use B4/5 in EV mode on this model, without problems until a few months ago. I tried it in NORMAL mode, once the engine has run...
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    Outlander 2020 Dynamic - EV Mode Canceled/Not available

    Hello I've got a UK spec Outlander 2020 Dynamic had it since new now around 55k miles, it's been pretty awesome but recently when the battery level is below 85% of full charge, EV Mode is "Canceled" then "Not available" if the ICE is running and has already finished normal warm up process. It's...