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    Update from Gary Reed

    They maybe right... I have said it brings back battery to ACTUAL not desired state of health. ;) Whatever BMU measure during DBCAM that's it. It may be 10% improvement or it may stay as it was, even go lower.
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    Confused about petrol consumption

    Like Martin have said, the easiest and correct way is to subtract electric mileage. So pure engine consumption is like he said around 6.5L/100km at 95-100km/h and going up with speed increase. if you make 50km on electric then on 100km your consumption will be half of previously mentioned numbers.
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    Update from Gary Reed

    DBCAM is an procedure that measure and brings back battery to its actual SoH - state of health. ATL is all time low I suppose.
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    MiPHEV's Highway Trip Economy, Trailering, and Fuel Logbook Data

    Just install the engine kill switch and you will be reborn. I bought the vehicle specially for its full ev capability architecture and lack of complicated transition.
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    What battery SOH is a dealbreaker for a 2018 Outlander SEL?

    Depend on mileage but will say anything over 75% seams normal.
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    MiPHEV's Highway Trip Economy, Trailering, and Fuel Logbook Data

    I suppose your vehicle is new... give it few years and it won't stay in Parallel while in Normal. I don't like Normal at all. It will leave me without any battery backup for unforeseen traffic etc.
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    MiPHEV's Highway Trip Economy, Trailering, and Fuel Logbook Data

    Doesn't your PHEV keeps Parallel once Charge is selected? Beside engine warming period mine will stay continuously without dropping Parallel while in Charge mode. I agree on the data but I am not even looking for it anymore... except to compare with other vehicles like you have said. Since I...
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    MiPHEV's Highway Trip Economy, Trailering, and Fuel Logbook Data

    There is no need for so many complicated fuel comparison experiments in all kind of different driving conditions... incomparable by nature. Parallel mode is better than Series mode, that's a fact. Parallel mode is there for a reason otherwise nobody would have complicated the vehicle... it...
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    Update from Gary Reed

    Gary is one of the guys saying to me ABC (always be charging) and fully charge all the time. Well if you don't care about the battery it won't last, that's the reality. Since his check engine is on and nobody can find errors, obviously and the warranty is questionable why he don't mod his...
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    You are kidding yourself... there is no such "colour rust" warranty honouring. The rust warranty is for perforation rust. If you can put your finger inside the door through rust hole then they will honour it.
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    Factory Outlander PHEV 2.0 air filter element half blanked off?

    I was wondering the same first time when I saw it!? WHY... to save some filter paper!?
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    Does the PHEV Have a heat pump 2019-2020

    No problemo. I know the difference in wander and wonder but when just typing it fast and if the corrector don't get the stays as it is. I am relying to much on autocorrect probably and not paying attention.
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    Power a dashcam from rear mirror

    Why not the interior lights in top of the driver?
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    Does the PHEV Have a heat pump 2019-2020

    I was wandering what a generic replays all four of them... like from a professional politician. Didn't thought about AI.
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    Charging from the engine

    Since in Series mode the engine is not locked to the wheels in theory it can always be in most efficient zone but all energy produced will come with mechanical to electrical energy conversion losses. This scenario will feed very high current to the battery though and that won't be ideal...
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    Outlander PHEV Sub-Zero Operation Question

    The maximum difference in cell voltage on mine 2018 is 0.003V, not ideal but wouldn't say so bad. It can be the culprit though.
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    Engine running for five minutes while on EV mode

    I have installed an remote RF switch on main engine relay so I can shut it whenever I want. You can try the effect by simply removing the relay... here is the moment for an disclaimer. (one should take all responsibility by doing so, I just share my experience) There will by multiple warnings...
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    Lindqvist method : DIY BMU Battery Reset

    Well that's some generic universal app, not surprisingly it can't do what specialized MUT-III can do.
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    Charging from the engine

    If one want Save to be default should go for an regular hybrid. Save and Charge can't be default cause they are active charge managing features which can leave you with bad efficiency if not used correctly. Charging from the engine when stationary is faster cause all energy goes to charging...
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    Engine running for five minutes while on EV mode

    No it is not the B and full battery issue. That's a thing only in newer models 2023-2024. It is still cold here in Montreal and it is a well known complain for our PHEV. if you do an search you will find a lot of complains like that. Facebook is full of them. At the end of winter even at 10C a...