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    Heated window not working on passenger side

    Did you ever resolve this as I have the same problem on the opposite side, my driver side doesn’t work.
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    Radio settings

    I couldn’t see those options
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    Radio settings

    Hi, how do I adjust the balance of the speakers in a 2018 model. Everything seems to be coming from the right side of the car except when I flick between sources, then it momentarily comes from both sides.
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    My New outlander

    Thanks, I got it to work, that’s how I found out only half was working, the passenger side cleared up lovely, I swear the drivers side got more foggy 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️
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    My New outlander

    Just bought a 2018 68 plate 4h with 70k on the clock this is my second outlander as I had a 4hs in 2015 from new via a salary sacrifice, so I’m used to driving it and have realistic expectations on range and how to eek out a few extra miles. Currently it’s getting 24 miles on the guessometer...
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    14 mile range for 2018 Outlander PHEV, normal?

    What is the PHEV watch app as I can’t find it on the App Stor, is it available on Apple?
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    Remote heating while plugged in

    I was lead to believe that if you pre heat the car, while plugged into the mains, it would draw power from the house not the car. Yet since using the pre heat this winter I get in the car afterwards and find the charge reduced. Have I been mis informed. And why is the car not charging back up...
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    Iphone disconnecting from Bluetooth

    My phone connects ( wifi off, latest software) it will ring ( with a generic ring tone ) then when I answer it plays my phones ring tone for a second then drops the call altogether. But if I ring them back it works fine !?!?
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    Motorway charging

    I charged one today at ikea with no problem the other was at motorway services on the m42 but that wouldn't recognise my card on the rapid charger but it worked on the fast charger ( typically I'd forgotten my lead)
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    L/100km ?

    Any ideas how I can find the screen
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    estimated delivery date

    Mine got delivered on the 10th
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    what's the best way to drive to get the 5 leaves. I'm getting 4 and driving like miss daisy is in the back. I'm getting 27 miles on start up each day but could use the 30. I've had 31 once, ( not sure how) as work is 14.5 miles away so best way to get the most electric mileage please.
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    L/100km ?

    I can't find the display for this, I've seen it in the book, but where it shows up in the manual, I have the %ge of ev driving achieved
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    Site suggestion

    can we get a page/section dedicated to the most popular topics with definitive answers being pinned so that newcomers can find the relevant information easily or when a member comes across a new issue they can look it up. Rather than repeating variations of the same threads or having to spend...
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    Iphone disconnecting from Bluetooth

    Mines been dropping out today iPhone fully updated, wifi off, car has latest software. Really annoying
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    Headlights on exit

    No did it in the car and when that didn't work I tried the app
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    Headlights on exit

    mine don't turn on when I get out of the car despite adjusting it in car and app
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    Aerial and car wash

    can it go through a car wash with the aerial or am I stuck with jet washing?
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    ITS HERE!!!!!! ;-)

    So it arrived yesterday, managed to update the software after turning off the home WIFI. Went for a trip to the cinema about 14 miles round trip ( can't seem to get the 5th leaf :-( lol ) Going for a longer trip today of about 60 miles in total, some motorway to get there but charge point when...
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    Made the right choice, Nissan Leaf report

    ok so when looking at car I was going to lease I booked test drives for several models, mostly hybrids, but I also booked in to test the leaf. To be honest I'd made my mind up before booking the test drive but it figured, it's a week of a free car and no fuel costs so why not see what's like...