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    12 Volt Lithium Battery and Accessory Mode.

    Go down towards the bottom of this page where he mentions the use of 12v AGM vs lithium replacements for the PHEV.
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    2023 PHEV 12v Battery part#

    I have searched and found no answer. Does anyone know what the actual part number is for the Hankook battery for the Gen4 PHEV. All that is on the battery is what is written on this sticker. It does have a vent tube down the right side. Just says "12v L1 50ah 420a (EN) MF" and distributed by...
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    12 Volt Lithium Battery and Accessory Mode.

    That is interesting. I'm in NZ and in my 2023 PHEV the battery is a Hankook MF55054 which is a SMF battery and not AGM. It is on page 26 of the document you posted.
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    Drive Battery Cooler?

    I live where it never gets below zero. It is Summer here 25-30C and I do not notice any difference in cabin cooling whether the battery cooler is off or on, even in 'Eco' mode. When my car is plugged in inside my hot garage the battery cooler cycles off and on. My battery temperature is always...
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    Going away for a while

    Then Gen4 will do a daily maintenance charge on the 12v for about 5 minutes assuming you have capacity in your traction battery.
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    Generation 4 12v battery charging.

    I'm in NZ and we don't have the smartphone link. The 12v battery is 50ah and 420cca, so it is quite small and I was concerned about leaving the car unattended long term. On my previous 2016 PHEV the traction battery would charge the 12v at 2pm daily. I could not find anything on this with my new...
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    Any queries or suggestions of Mitsubishi Japan's engineers?

    I would like to be able to lock the vehicle and leave the A/C on a set temp. for these reasons 1. Running errands. 2. Leaving dog in car. Edit: I know it can be done using correct lock settings (unlock driver door only) then locking all doors then exiting vehicle and using the actual key to...
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    Auxiliary battery draining while Parked / Ready

    What I do is leave the Li-ion jump-starter plugged in at the rear socket and store it in the cubby hole area. So it's always been charged when you are driving.
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    The dog friendliest car?

    About 10 times in the last 2 years at our local cafes/lunch spots we have put the dog into the car when it's too hot. Instead of using the app (which uses max AC/heat) I just leave the car running with AC on (recirc) and use the key to lock the door. Put the key/FOB in your pocket, the car beeps...
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    PHEV dismantling.

    Have a good look at the PHEV been pulled apart. This car was a statutory write off with frame damage so could never be registered again.
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    Volvo plug-in bursts into flames while charging

    I guess anything can happen at any time. But in saying that I feel quite secure charging at home with the standard charger and nothing gets warm/overheated/overloaded. (240v, 7.45amp)
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    Towing capacity

    In NZ it is 750kg. Thread on it here:
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    Non-ideal temp/airflow when using auto climate settings

    If there is one thing Mitsubishi should get right it would be there Aircon systems.
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    Is it 15 litres or 4 gallons?

    Or if you know you will be using 15l of fuel in the next few weeks or so you can simply disconnect the 12v battery for a few seconds and it resets the fuel warning. (you don't lose any other programmed settings)
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    Pre-heating, connected to charger all night or not?

    I have had a Bose Sounddock with a 19v Li-ion battery pack for 8 years and I leave it plugged into 220v 24/7. The battery to me is as good as the day I brought it. I have many top brand items with Li-ion batteries that I leave plugged in 24/7 and after years of use they are still good. I treat...
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    Emergency key

    Sometimes on hot Summer days when out doing errands with the Dog in the car I leave the car running and A/C on and lock the car with the key. Surprisingly it barely uses any battery.
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    Occasional constant beeping from bonnet area?

    Maybe. All I know is that about 20 times in the last 18 months at around 1400hrs (because I always look at my watch when I hear it) when I have happened to be in my garage I have heard the beeping and seen the flashing lights in the interior. Also this was posted by Telmo who has his own PHEV...
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    Occasional constant beeping from bonnet area?

    Page 84 for the 1400 charging. Cooling and heating can be activated automatically for the drive battery.Some good reading in this doc...
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    Occasional constant beeping from bonnet area?

    If you don't use the vehicle for 24hrs the car will charge the 12v battery every day at 1400hrs whether it is plugged in or not and you will notice the beeping sound plus the other things mentioned.
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    Keyless Entry Problem?

    Is it possible both keys have dead batteries?