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May 31, 2019
Hi all

I am moving abroad so will be selling my 2015 GX4h in Dark Silver.
It has a full service history with a recent major service. It has only done 34,000 miles most of which was on electric (95%) and has had just 2 owners.
Recent MOT but they have an advisory on the usual engine mount, it is not knocking at all but I guess it will eventually.

The guess-ometer still shows 25+ miles available on electric which is actually still achievable. Rear view camera and after market reversing sensors.
A few scratches on the front bumper, most will polish out but some will need a bit of paint to make good.

Car is in really good condition all round for its age.

Will post some pictures after I have had it cleaned. Will be putting on Motorway shortly but thought I would pop it on here first to see if anyone was interested.

Motorway says its worth £8,300, Webuyanycar (not sure what they do) say £7,500 which I know they will drive down due to the scratches.

Make me an offer if interested,