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G Dev

New member
May 17, 2024
Hello. Just recently bought a fresh Japan import 2019 Outlander PHEV.
I wanted to check what is my range at full battery charge, so I installed the PHEV Watchdog app. My guessometer shows 42km at full charge.
Everything was doing fine. It was recording my trips and was at 40km with 30+% charge remaining (according to app).
I was actually expecting it to record my trips until I have depleted my battery so I could determine my potential true range.
However, while the SOC in Watchdog was still at 30%, the EV mode disengaged and it started to operate in series hybrid mode. Does it mean I have untapped battery charge? The dashboard has an image though of what looks to be a depleted battery (single bar).
So I started researching online and found topics about BMU reset. Would a reset help to use this remaining 30% charge? If so, when should I do the reset? When battery is depleted (@30%) or when at full charge? Or is it really designed not to fully deplete the battery? Or it was really already depleted and Watchdog had it wrong?