2023 - Trip computer Fuel Efficiency?

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Apr 30, 2023
I am a little perplexed by how the vehicle is calculating the average fuel efficiency in the trip computers. It appears that the computer uses a Max allowable MPG figure (99.99 MPG or so?) whenever the ICE is off during a trip. I am not sure if this is common among the PHEVs, but it does not make that much sense to me, as I am seeing MPG numbers as high as 60s and 70s, if I put the car in EV mode around 75% of time.

EPA didn't give the car a good rating on the MPG for its ICE, and I am curious to find out how accurate or off from my own efficient driving style, but struggles to get a good measurement with the trip computer. It will be nice if the car only calculates MPG if the ICE is ON, leaves the number alone when it is OFF, and puts this ICE only averages in separate view. I ended up trying to make some sense out of the fuel efficiency history bars graph, that gives summary of MPG in 5-minute intervals for the past 60 minutes of driving. However even with that, you may find unrealistic numbers if the ICE gets turned off during any 5-minute interval..

The miles/KWh calculations on the other hand, I have not given it any more thoughts, and I hope it is as accurate as it states... as the car is designed to be an ICE supplemented EV, which means the motors are almost always on, and only in very rare instances, that I may find the ICE is pulling the front wheels, while both motors stay off on freeways.

Any experts have any thoughts or opinions on this topic that want to share?
When riding on electric power the consumption is 999MPG in other words infinite number since don't using gas but travelling.
If you want to find the ICE only consumption drive it till the battery is done and the engine kicks in then reset the trip consumption. From that moment till you charge the vehicle again you will have a real data on ICE consumption.