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Jul 26, 2023
Owner of a 2023 PHEV Premium and just had dealer install the newly-available trailer hitch at the Mitsubishi dealership. There is a distinct rattling/sound when the gas engine is engaged during acceleration/deacceleration. Has anyone else installed the trailer hitch and noticed any issues like this? (I didn't notice this for a while after the install due to the fact I use EV mode ~80% of the time)

I didn't see any other threads on this topic here, but have seen similar issues with different makes/models where there needs to be a larger buffer/separation between hitch and exhaust. I have a follow-up scheduled at dealer next week, but my purpose here in asking is to understand if my situation may be a one-off or a trend.

Thank you in advance to everyone!
I have an after-market towing rig installed on my 2014 model.

Two things that I can see are:

1. The rear muffler is very close to the mounting point of the towing gear; and
2. There is a rubber hanger to support the exhaust pipe near that location.


It's possible that your exhaust is rattling on the towing assembly as you suspect but also,
they may have forgotten to re-attach the hanging support for the rear muffler.

(Or they attached it in the wrong place and it has subsequently fallen off.)


Did u get it resolve? Eaxr333

I have a 2023..same issue but with aftermarket hitch...i wrapped some stuff around the hitch but still.....rattle occasionally when engine is on..usually when slowing down it happens more.

Want to see how the dealer fix your issue with oem hitch
I have a new 2023 ES model with factory/dealer fitted tow bar (and electric trailer brake) have not yet heard a rattle and looking around underneath can see no reason why it might rattle.
Tow Bar part number AU901507 (Australia)