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Apr 18, 2018
I took my Outlander PHEV for service at my local Mitsi dealer who also happens to be an MG dealer. I like the MG SZ full electric. It's got a bigger boot than the Niro or Kona.
##The salesman told me that MG are about to start making their own batteries in a new purpose built factory.
I skimmed through a video review by EV Man, I got the impression it wasn't the best equipped or built but was a bargain.
The proposed factory in Wales never reached fruition, it may now be built in Northumberland:

michael8554 said:
I skimmed through a video review by EV Man, I got the impression it wasn't the best equipped or built but was a bargain.

I watched a video also by an EV fan who owned a Jaguar I-Pace, in his opinion the MG was a better build quality that his Jaguar?
Not tried one myself but they do look like a bargain...
As I need to go EV later in the year because of the withdrawal of hybrids from the London Congestion Charge exemption, I was also very impressed by the MG as an option - especially the MG5 estate (I need the carrying capacity) but I would miss the paddles and it can't mount roof bars. :eek:

The other option is to buy a smaller EV as a second car for commuting like the Fiat 500 or even an old Leaf. :idea:
We have a 2015 ZOE for commuting - it does ~10k miles a year driving into Leeds and back. It cost ~£5k 3½ years ago, and the same 2015 R240 (22kWh) model sells for much the same price now.
I bought an MG5 in Jan 2020 one of the 1st batch into the country.
100,700 miles later I have to say I cannot be more pleased.
A couple of minor issues (rear seat belt clip sensors fail so disconnected them, and at 95,000 miles my heated seat stopped working.. )
Still on original brake pads.. which are not even 30% worn yet.
Battery degradation is around 5% with a drop in range of around 10 miles.
In use as a taxi (we have 4 of them in our company now) and all of them are working superbly.
Customers love them as do our drivers who fight to get to use the EV vehicles rather than drive the old fossil Dacias or Fiat Tipos we also have.
Mitsubishi need to wake up and build a fully EV Outlander. it would be a word beater. My 2014 outlander PHEV is now on 306800 miles and still on original battery which is down now to 57% but still worthwhile charging it. Also in use ass a Taxi and working perfectly.