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Pavel Krivich

New member
May 15, 2024
I have just bought a PHEV 2014 year, 2.0 liter petrol engine, 110.000 km, light blue.
It has good equipment with leather, ACC and Rockford Fosgate multimedia.
I am still waiting for diagnostics at official dealer so I don't know the state of battery in percentages. Though generally it is ok and looks like battery is capable of doing 30 km.
I like the car compared to others which I have seen here in Bulgaria in this price category, it is relatively quiet even when running petrol engine. I am glad to join the community and wish everybody all the best.
Mines white, I mistakenly bought the basic model that doesn't have electric heating.
So have I but by choice (£1500 cheaper) but that means you are less likely to get the enforced fuel burning that seems to soooo annoy others here! 🤣
Er, in Winter, yes. But when I bought it the late wife disliked both heating and Aircon in cars, driving with the window open, freezing my nuts off or dying of heat stroke - so no point in bothering with a unusable luxury like battery heating! 🥶🥵🤣
Your wife may have the same condition as my wife - Hyper Thyroid.
She swings between feeling very hot, and cold, when everyone else is fine.
Like cold east wind, everyone in parkas hats and and gloves, she's in her tee-shirt.