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Oct 16, 2022
Howdy, folks.

I'm looking for recommendations and suggestions on the following topics:
1. Addressing rattling noises inside the car from water bottles, door bins/pockets, trunk covers, seat belts, air vents, etc. I'm driving mostly in EV around town, so it's very very quiet, and the rattling noises are making me mad. Perhaps buying some fabric and putting it in some places?

2. Closing doors is pretty loud as well, I'd like to make that more gentle on the ear and deaden the sound a bit. Not sure if I need some rubber here and there.

3. During highway driving, especially when using charge mode, the engine is loud, which is fine, but it seems like there is a particular place in the dashboard where the sound is sneaking through. Has anyone uncovered where precisely that is happening? Is there an easy solution for it?

4. The doors seem to make a squeak sound when moving the glass up and down. It's not like from the rubers, but the plastic part of the door is actually moving and that seems to be making the sounds. Has anyone addressed that?

5. I'm thinking of adding visors on at least the 2 front-side windows - driver and passenger, to allow for more gentle air intake and less usage of the aircon. I've seen some cheap visors, but I'd like to get a recommendation for better ones or OEM options.

6. Going over speed bumps makes dramatic sounds from the back of the car like the bottom of the car is hitting the actual bump, which of course is not true. I guess it's for all Outlander because it was similar in my Petrol Outlander, but in the PHEV, because it's usually used in EV and quiet, it just sounds like an explosion. Even going with like 5 mph is too much to bear for my ears.

I have a temporary solution, which is turning on rock/metal music, which is helpful most of the time, but not when the baby is sleeping in the car.

Thanks in advance for reading this long text and your suggestions.
I have fitted the wind deflectors on my 2019 PHEV, bought from Amazon and they fit well. Heko 23368 Wind Deflectors.

For me the aim was to deflect rain so the side mirrors were more useful in heavy rain but being able to pop the windows at speed was a bonus. Also means I could pop the rear side window to run a mains cable in if I need to charge the 12v Aux battery and so on. Note that the glass will catch against the plastic when closing, it'll settle and improve over time but will be audible. As to if it works in the rain, haven't actually been out in heavy rain to find out, so far. Oh do remember tho that they will add some extra noise tho I've not found it to be annoying.

On the other noises, can't really help. The load cover is pretty floppy/flappy so hit the resonant frequency and it'll respond. Hard to do anything to stiffen it tho else it may not want to roll back when needed. Bumps do make noise at the rear, anything loose esp in the underfloor storage will bounce. Even tho strapped down the jack may have free play and so bounce enough to add noise. Not got round to trying bubble-wrap or similar on those to see if it helps as it hasn't bothered me much so far. I more notice on the narrow bump strips in some car parks than the gentler full-wide tarmac ones tho.
Re rattling objects in door pockets etc, you could try using some drawstring leather bags.

Another poster found silicon covers for the seat belt buckles, apparently, for them, the sound of them clattering against the pillars was particularly annoying. Here's a couple of ideas from Amazon:

I was scratching my head, wondering why I don't hear all these rattles etc. then it dawned on me...

I always have classical music playing quietly in the car. That, plus chit-chat from the UHF radio probably covers up any possibility of interior rattles.
Buy an Lexus!!!

Joke aside, regarding point N6 there is something wrong - loose in your vehicle. Back motor mounting plate is the usual culprit.
kpetrov said:
Buy an Lexus!!!

Joke aside, regarding point N6 there is something wrong - loose in your vehicle. Back motor mounting plate is the usual culprit.

Nah, will wait a couple of years for Mitsubishi to make the 4th GEN PHEV better and will import one again from Canada. :)
We might arrange something when the time comes.

I did the test for the back motor mounting suggested in the PHEV UK group, seems fine.
I think the plastic cover in the back is actually jumping when there's no baggage.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.