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which charging cable away from home

hello everyone

i have just bought a new outlander phev with the home charging cable with it BUT i need the charging cable when i am away from home

would anyone please tell me which cable i should use please

many thanks in advance
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Re: which charging cable away from home

type 2 (the 'charger' end) to type 1 (car end).

FYI, the charger is actually part of the vehicle, what is commonly thought of as the 'charger' is an EVSE.
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Re: which charging cable away from home

It depends where you are based, but cars using Type 1 "chargers" are getting less common in Europe - the main cars were Mk1 Leafs and our PHEV. So you can often pick up a secondhand type 1 to type 2 cable quite cheaply. The PHEV only ever takes a maximum of 16A, so you can save a small amount by getting a 16A cable. But a 32A cable is barely more expensive and thicker - it's more robust but less easy to coil up for storage.
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Re: which charging cable away from home

You should also carry the "home" charging cable with you, especially until you get used to where opportunities the charge are. Otherwise you won't be able to recharge at work, hotels, friends & relatives etc. or older "public" charge points, which offer the standard domestic socket as an option.

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