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Where is recirculation air intake in 2018 PHEV?


2018 Outlander PHEV here.

I have a lingering mold issue (it stinks when heater is on, not when air conditioning is on).

I did an ozone treatment at a detail shop, which seemed to help. However, with the mold in retreat (I think), I want to finish the job.

I intend to use some anti-mold, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial aerosol spray to target the heater core. I may also rent an ozone machine and run a few more cycles of ozone, targetting the heater core.

For me to isolate the heater, I plan to run the recirculate mode for the heat. I tried to look at where the air intake is in recirculation mode. Most other vehicles have it under the passenger glove box. However, when I ran the fan on "highest", I could not feel with my hand where the air is being pulled in. I could not find it under the drivers side either.

Does anyone know where the air intake is when the air controls are in recirculate mode? I need to locate this so I can spray the aerosol in.

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