Battery range dropped suddenly (phev, 2016 model)

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My experience of a brand new 2014 model was that you had to drive it very gently to get 28 miles out of it. I would assume that most UK customers would have the aircon on all the time - I didn't buy a new, and relatively expensive, car in order to drive it like the old Mini that I had as a student! When we traded the Outlander in at ten years old with around 100,000 miles on the clock, it was managing less than 10 miles on a full charge in the winter or heights of summer with the climate control on and perhaps 15 miles in the spring and autumn with cooler weather. It had a lifetime average of about 44mpg.

That's about what I got for my 2018 PHEV.
Batteries wear down. How quickly depends on how they are used and treated. That includes how deeply they are discharged and how fully they are charged. I am not clear how deeply the battery will be discharged before the vehicle runs exclusively on gas or how the electric priority setting might effect that. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to charge it to only 80% of capacity which I understand gives optimal battery life for lithium batteries. In any case, people's experience is going to vary.
That is managed by the car's software, which protects the battery by maintaining 'headroom' between full charge on the display and actual full charge in the battery.

However, some people use various 'reset methods' to defeat that protection, so there's no guarantees...
My 2018 PHEV (12 Kilowatt battery USA model) got about 12 miles of range in EV after full charge overnight with heat or AC on in California.