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New member
Nov 7, 2020
Hi All, I have a MY19 4H, since clocks changed last month, the charging timers are now an hour out. Never had the problem before with other clock changes and it has usually changed automatically. The main issue is that the clock displayed on the head unit is correct, but the charging timer doesn't align with this. I have tried various things with the clock settings, changing it from automatic to manual, saying NO to British Summer time, saying YES to British summer time, change it from 24hr to 12hr and nothing seems to work. Has anyone had this and is there a fix that anyone knows of. I haven't tried the pre-heat timers but assume this will be the same. I tried to use the app this evening, but that is currently not seeing my phone and is refusing for me to re-register but that's another story. I always use the charging timers for cheaper overnight rates so I'm now having to work out the hours which is becoming a pain!

Same issue in New Zealand. It seems to me there is a different time zone/DST Clock for timed charging that's unrelated to the displayed time. It's as though the schedule is from a time before the government last changed the DST dates.

Just set it off by an hour so your charging starts when you want it to and when it goes wrong again a few weeks later when it uses is own schedule, set it back again. This happens twice every year and yes it's a pain in the arse.