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Feb 6, 2022
Sydney AU
We purchased a new Eclipse Cross PHEV earlier this year. The car is ‘identical’ to the recently superseded Outlander PHEV model except for the smaller body shape. We have just completed a 20,000km trip around Australia towing our camper trailer that weighs around 850-900kg when loaded.

During our trip, I noted inconsistency in how well the cruise control maintained the selected speed. Typically, the cruise control was set on 95kph. 80-90% of the time the cruise control kept the vehicle within about +/- 1kph of the selected speed. For the rest of the time, the cruise control ensured there was no more than 1 kph overshoot when cresting a rise. However, when coming off the end of a decline onto a flat or onto another rise, the speed would constantly bleed off by more than 10 kph to 83-86 kph before recovering.

If the speed decay issue emerged at the start of a driving session then it would continue throughout that session. Stopping the car, switching it off and then back on would not ‘clear’ the problem. If the vehicle was switched off for a while, say an hour or more, the problem might ‘clear’ for the next driving session.

The poor speed control was equally evident on steepish long hills and descents as on very gentle and short rises and descents.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?
The cruise control has continued to display the symptoms I reported at the start of this thread. I explained the problem to the Mitsubishi dealer in December 2022 when the vehicle was being serviced and they said their checks could find no fault. I reported the problem again this December and the dealer has ordered a replacement ‘cruise control module’ from Japan.